ICT guys under threat..another Msando loading?


There is a concerted effort to make sure the biometric verification of voters at polling stations fails so that manuals can be used. It’s not going to happen. This are the last kicks of a dieing donkey. There will be no window allowed to create an illusion to attempt rigging

For someone like you to comment something like this very worrying but still predictable.

  1. In the morning IEBC said the people arrested were people bringing in stickers.

What has changed to now that they here for system deployment 20 hours later since this update?


  1. How comes the “stickers” as IEBC alleged in the morning are being carried by an individual independently? In personal bags?

  2. This company called Smartmatic, are known fraudsters, globally.

From Venezuela to Philippines… They are known to manipulate elections systems.

Read the reports from different media around the global


Now tell us what’s happening, even a blind man can smell coffee bro

Give that Maribe Poet an easy time. He might soon be relegated to writing poems 24/7.

The government wants to rig elections

We might just plunge this country to PEV part2 that would make 07/08 look like child’s play.

Every team iko na the officially appointed ICT guru sio nyinyi pekee

Getting out of hand

Incidents of this nature (the arrest) are not healthy at this time. We’ve had almost 5 years to effectively deal with IEBC operational hitches since the last election, without undue pressure. If we didn’t, then we must understand that now isn’t the time.

Haya, you came back to the village after being exposed for lifting pics and assuming someone’s life as your own.

That’s brave of you. Lakini sasa how low is your self esteem to shadow someone’s life to impress folks you don’t know and are anonymous

msito spear nipee kazi kule UDA

I smelt a big fish cooking when the IEBC CEO claimed they found no red flags on election manipulation after conducting a background check on Smartmatic.
It is evident even to a common man that the company is not straight. It not only has the capacity to manipulate results electronically hut have also been accused of the same on several occasions. No wonder Azimio is afraid to go all electronic.

Bana msando was killed weeks to election and nothing really happened. Nothing!! Story na PEV ilishaisha kitambo and thats it. This new generation has gotten used to peace and wouldnt disrupt the status quo.

Niaje @Hethi ?

Mshenzi Sana huyo nongwe

Hii KAZI sitaki

:D:D who’s life?

I’m in Kijiji, ama I should ask for your permission? Wewe hunijui, why should I impress you? I have alot of women I can impress who know me

From your reply, you can see who is stupid here, you have zero substance just like small Boyz here na wewe ndio ati mzee hapa.

But as I told you, it’s predictable from you. From your choice of politics to choice of words shows your intelligence as a man.

Ruto ashachukua ii kitu. Tusidanganyane. Raila’s softness is his biggest misdoing. Pole kwake though its over. Its also over for Kenya

You mean deep state haitamsaidia… tungojee mpaka date 10-11… kumbuka 2007

That devil toad looking like motherfucker Chebukati has already gone to bed with Ruto and is hell bent on ensuring he delivers a Ruto win. @LongerTime already saw this. Iyo courage yenye Ruto ako nayo is backed up by something. Ukiskia @sani akisema however hard a dog has been kicked it can be kicked again, anajua ni nini anasema