ICT goons and Cult members Kujeni mbio

I have been following the fellow self-named 'The Inner Circle Trader from the sidelines with much intrigue. He seems to be a modern-day trading guru leading thousands to his ranks of crazy followers. There are claims of success stories and if you are one comment, meanwhile I admire the maze this guy has built.

Nilicheki vid zake but sijui wapi ananzia from zero, Let me know kama unajua which video to start wit ndio uelewe what he’s talking about

My take. Unaanza na core content. Alafu unaingia 2022 mentorship then charter content.
Michael has too many strategies, it is a maze. Na vile naona watu wakisifia vile wamekaunda na teaching zake …

Its a complete cul alafu ni kama wanazozana na hao fundementalists. Am really missing out, ebu niingie class