Wadau nipeeni iCloud bypass software - (a free one)

@snapdragon saidia mdau

Rudisha simu ya wenyewe

Huyu ni mtu bladifarkin

Wacha akachunishwe sukuma kamiti.

Give this a try & if it doesn’t work you’ll just have to use the other paid method from CheckM8 , it works and a Mac is necessary for the process no shortcuts to that. Good luck.



You mean iphone can be used again if stolen? I used to give it credit because of its impossible lock crack

I couldn’t agree more, it’s a very eloquent statement. I still use the 5 iPhone, have not bought anything else besides it, although I have been loaned, several models. Since Jobs died, you could say the company has fallen apart. Yes, I agree, externally the phones are beautiful, cool. But the functionality suffers. I couldn’t find a way to install the app. I had to look somewhere on the site how to do it. The official partner is silent, no one wants to do anything. I recently switched to android. How great is it when the phone is not smarter than you, but just a friend of the head.

Mwenye simu ako hai kweli?