ICC is back

[SIZE=6]Kenya failed to cooperate with ICC in Uhuru Kenyatta case, judges find[/SIZE]

wanatusumbua sasa…waende wakikaukaga…


In this case, Kenya inafaa kufanya nini? Ama tukishtakiwa kwa assembly states watatunyuka?

I guess placing restrictions on the country will be on the table but let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that.

When is Kenya withdrawal from ICC happening?

That is scaremongering. I’m sure we will appeal, if we fail again it goes to the ICC President for direction. From there at worst case scenario if we don’t agree it’s directed to assembly of parties which we rule there considering we have always carried the day there. Worst case scenario again is that they refer it to UN security council where either China or Russia will veto it if it that is necessary. This is just the last kicks of a dying horse. We really fucked up ICC and forced them to look into their shady dealings and covert western influence. Thanks to us they now face mass Africa withdrawal and lack of credibility outside of the west.


Too bad the ICC’s in-built immunity does not allow Kenya to sue it for billions lost in defending 6 men against stupid, malicious and politically engineered cases. What was there to cooperate about when the bungling prosecutors were searching for non-existent evidence?


The ghost of ICC will only serve to solidify jubilee votes in both rift and central, the election is as good as won now:D:D
The west never learns !:rolleyes::rolleyes:


Babuon doesn’t like this.
Is the ICC on a mission to hammer the last nail in his coffin or what?


cz elections zimekaribia nkt

BOOMERANG! Like last time. The more ICC is in the news, the stronger the duo becomes. It does not help when such announcements coincide with JaKuon’s foreign trips.