*Ibra set to sign for man united


Jose Mourinho first press conference as a Man Utd Manager. “Wayne Rooney under him will only play at the box to score goals as that is his instinct. He will play as a 9, 9.5 or 10 but never again as a 8 or far from the box”

yeah just seen the press interview and he has already said that we have signed another player and hinted that he wants to sign another player ie wanted four new signings

Yes 3 already signed and one more still remaining but they are doing everything to make it happen. I hope its not Pogba please. So there goes the myth of mass recruitment and mass exits. He said from his first MUTV interview that every current player will be given a chance to better himself and stay on. He also said he will add to the squad not weaken it. Most people don’t realize that Man Utd find themselves in a unique time. Two of its managers are active in the transfer. Mourinho buying for the 1st team squad and Nicky Butt for the reserves/under 21’s. The mexican winger is Lozano is being recruited by Nicky Butt for the reserves/under 21’s with the ultimate motivation that if he does well he can join the 5 others who were promoted last year to the main team.

all i want to see from manchester united is fast paced action. I have never been a fan of Darmian because he is not good going forward unlike Shaw who is good in defense and going forward. Hiyo wing ya darmian ishikiliwe na Valencia. In the middle of the park ndio naona shida kubwa…nobody who is likely to score goals. Wings Martial maybe Memphis or Rashford then Zlatan and Mckhitaryan. I still have a big problem with that mid…we need someone who wants to come to man United for the passion and not the money kama pogba…

I’m a fan of Darmian, he is schooled in the tried/tested/solid Italian defense play. He is natural with both feet and can play all position in defense. Right back, central defender either left/right and Left back. In 3-5-3 he can also play and wing back on either side. He is good at man marking players out of the game like he did on DeBryne of Man City at the derby and in the Euro. He is not a sweeping winger and that is why he will co-share the right back position with Valencia. We are lucky we have both as now they will be picked according to team tactics per game and for opposing squads. Either way such a versatile player can be handy in EPL when injuries, lack of form and bad luck sets in. Conte wants him and its obvious why.

Fyi Warren joyce is the under 21 coach not Nicky butt.but lozano can feature for the seniour team if he his very good.mourinho has never been shy of offering youth chances if they prove themselves to him and match his ‘philpsophy’.

Darmian woes begun when;
1:he was not given any chance to form a solid partnership with one winger
2:Mata started being played on the wings.mata defensively offers nothing
He will have settled by then since it was his first season and personally,i don’t rate valencia

FYI keep up with the changes in the club. Man Utd has restructured the under 21, under 18 etc. All are under the Head of Academy Nicky Butt. Warren Joyce and all other coaches report to Nicky Butt. This is just one of the changes the owners Glazers wish to transform the academy to match and better any in the world. The facilities are also being expanded but most important is that we maintain the tradition of upgrading youth players into the main squad. Nicky Butt is a manager for all the academy.


ooh yeah but joyce is still the coach ama?hii under 21 restructuring was lvg’s doing btw i was made to understand and it was also bout facilities and equipping ndo isikue run for profit but also for introducing young players to the seniour team also.you just have to look across at the noisy neighbours to see how much ahead in terms of the reserve teams in comparison to man united