*Ibra set to sign for man united

latan Ibrahimovic should complete his long-anticipated move to Manchester United by the end of the week.
The Swedish striker, 34, is a free agent after leaving Paris St-Germain and is expected to sign a one-year deal with the Old Trafford club.
He will become the second signing for United boss Jose Mourinho, who
replaced Louis van Gaal as manager in May.
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Utashangaa sana.huyo ataleta fear factor to each defender that comes across him na i can bet he will score 20+ goals in the Epl peke yake

Hehehehe…EPL apana Ligue 1. Hata hio 10 sioni akifika. EPL defenders are bullies. He should ask FalCow…

Falcow achana nayeye.Can’t remember last season bao zimetingwa from outside the box acha free kick ya mata ni against burnley ama ni bradford?
Ibra offers that threat


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Sell the damned idiot called Rooney. He’s already past his prime.

Zlatan will make it in EPL, he showed in Champions League that he can take on “bully” defence after beating Chelsea home and away two seasons in a row. The best thing about him is that he is an all round center forward. Pace, Strength, Agility, Tall, Creative, Experience and Scores.

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Hakuna mahali Rooney ataenda until 2020 when his contract expires. He is moving to number 10 to create and score. That is where he was always destined to go.

1st Team
De Gea

2nd Team

3rd Team
Sam Johnstone
Joe Rothwell-Fosu-Mensah

Zlatan is currently undergoing a medical at Man Utd AON Centre. Henrik will undergo the same in the evening.

Billboards at Manchester welcoming Zlatan

wrong in many counts;
a)there will be another Cb bought now that rojo has been told to go drying ie murillo,varane or mustafi
b)pogba is been linked to man united meaning that the special one doesn’t rate baba kai that much so it is possible that he will slowly phased out of the first 11

Don’t ever make mistake of taking transfer gossip as true. Man Utd isn’t doing any business with R.Madrid anytime soon. last year we were linked highly to 15 players. The previous year we signed 10 players through media gossip that was fiction. These Pogba rumours is another vidal signing that never happened despite endless headline.

Not transfer gossip,there are people with more indepth info bout transfers acha hizi gutter press.and btw,since Real has only got this transfer window to utilise,they need to buy players lakini pia lazima wauze to balance the books and at the right price,acha kina kroos,ata varane wanaeza uza.rodriguez pia ako on sale

If such people existed they would all work for Skysports and make a fortune. I have only one rule in transfers, ignore it all until Skysports Hq confirms player is having a medical. Real can sell to anyone but not man utd after the De Gea fax fiasco. Then they will never sell Kroos unless they want to handover their only trophy. Kroos is the ball distributor 90% consistent pass completion and ball distribution. Losing him means Bale and Ronaldo wing play ends coz they will be starved of the ball. Modric yes but not Kroos. Real Madrid and Barcelona books are mysterious nobody has figured them in 15 years to explain their subsidies from regional assemblies and other opague deals. They have no books to balance thats why the spend big every year above what they make. Back in 2007 Germany and England F.A wanted UEFA to force transparency in spanish football accounting but Blatter overuled them.

And i can gladly tell you ata balague and skysports quote ama wao hutoa story kwao.Sly spurts is Bs believe me ata siisomangi.skumbuki ata nilifungua lini mwisho.real bought kovacic as a replacement for kroos.kroos if you have observed,kama team iko under pressure and anapressiwa ie he is not given room to spray his passes,yuwanga clumsy.and they only have this window to buy before ban yao iingir.about pogba,ati late tuesday ar early wednesday ndo itakuja julikana vizuri ndo anasema

Hakuna mahali tunaenda time will prove who’s right and you will learn. I’m a big fan but also realistic. If you put emotions aside then things become clear. Does Pogba fit into man utd squad right now? Can he play under Mourinho system of play? Even for Man Utd is £95 million for Pogba realistic? Are we being played again by a player just trying to push for high salary in Juventus like Ramos did last season at Real Madrid using us as bait? Is Pogba just using us to force R.madrid bid? lastly this could just be just another bogus transfer rumour? Can R.Madrid risk a change at the centre of midfield in letting the tried and tested Kroos over kovacic? If they let Rodriguez go who is their replacement? Benzema is facing serious court charges that forced them to buy back Morata and he can’t be the only striker left incase Benzema goes to court or is jailed. So many uncertainty this transfer season, clubs are wiser, agents/players more greedy but the right deal needs a good sure player to come in to replace a good known one to leave. Even Zlatan free transfer to Man Utd took six months to finally get it done. After Henrik signs tomorrow i’ll be satisfied with the transfers and wait for season to start. After all its only 25 players to be registered for all tournaments and another 10 allowed if they are under 21 years. No more over 35 man squad. Lets wait and see.

staki ata huyo pogba,there are many better and cheaper options available and reason why real pulled out is because of his agent’s fees but he so wants to join real.rodriguez replacement?simple,bale will play there cover yake isco.believe me both will be sold this season.utajionea tu


ooh and am also very happy we signing miki lakini pia hiyo pesa yake ni mob and he only had an year left in his contract with dortmund.kikosi sasa imebakisha a defensive mid na centre back na tutakua sawa