Who knows where I can get Iboga seeds or seedlings?How is the business?

What the fvck is that

Iboga is an herb. It is used for ritual and ceremonial purposes in some African cultures. The root of the plant is also used as medicine. People take iboga for fever, influenza (the flu), swine flu, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, and nerve disorders.

Spare us the BS, iboga is a psychedelic, and its illegal. However, tafuta Traditional medicine men mostly from Kisii or Western, they use it to dupe their patrons for divine blah blah.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][SIZE=4]Side Effects & Safety[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]There isn’t enough information to know if iboga is safe for use. Iboga can cause side effects such as low blood pressure, slow heart rate, seizures, paralysis, difficulty breathing, anxiety, and hallucinations.[/SIZE]

Ifoga= a cabbage leaf

Can the scrub grow in kenya in the first place?


My exact question.

Its not all that “illegal” I know of a forum where they trade it online and there is a rehab at lamu where they use iboga to teat addiction.

where do I get the iboga also?

Hey I have 4kgs of iboga powder


Kindly share the forum link please

Share it 728290491

Did you manage to get the seeds?