I would support Raila's maandamano if he was genuinely for change. I have my doubts

-It is common knowledge that Arap Maombi and his deputy Maheni wa Magego have no clue how to run a government.
-It is also common knowledge that Kenyans are facing dire economic circumstances
-Finally, it is common knowledge that Raila at present commands a sizeable following whose energy could easily change the course of Kenya’s political history. But I am not so sure that Raila is driven by a genuine desire to change Kenya. Rather, I am inclined to think that Raila is motivated by Ruto’s hard line stance against the handshake.

Raila and his lineage have this selfish streak that haunts them. Indeed, those who know have whispered that it may be true that RAO had a sizeable lead over Arap Maombi at the close of the polls. Uhunye had released funds to Katuju to grease Man Chebu’s hands and he went to collect; only to learn that some people in Rao’s inner circle said no grease for Chebu. At which point Arap Maombi’s "generous"streak took over, and all is history

Should Rao now drag the nation down because of his personal greed. Can Rao not sit back and be a constructive elder by providing measured rather than confrontational and chaotic “opposition” to Ruto? Must Kenya always come to a standstill because RAO is “pissed”?


This info is probably above your titty twisting pay grade

Hio umeffi peleka huko kisumu where inakuliwa na juice

Useless rant. Anyone that believes Raila was rigged out in last elections despite having all govt machinery, president and 4 IEBC commissioners by his side must be certainly low IQ bobobo who worships the old senile babu

Ruto asiwachwe akule pekee yake. Otherwise hata hiyo biashara unafanya itamalizwa na serikali ya zakayo.
Taxes everywhere.

well put

I am sorry you are using the expression low IQ bonobo without reading my post and digesting its content. You did not even read the title bwana kifua chote

Using RAO’s own logic in 2007, why doesnt his “win” reflect in both houses and governors?

Razima Rao akue president riwe riwalo

I would too, but there will be similar maandamano in South Africa, Tunisia, and Nigeria. If you look at the map of Africa, that’s North, South, East, and West, around almost if not similar issues. Something is cooking. If you remember not long ago Raila was in SA for a ‘courtesy’ call. Whoever is running this whole thing in Africa definitely has bigger plans. [SIZE=1]We have no reason to join World War 3 as a continent, but instability is reason enough to have own country per country versions of world war 3.[/SIZE]

It would help if you explained your understanding of the phrase ‘genuine change’ in the Kenyan context.

Otherwise what would Raila do differently?
From the records he is likely to change the constitution on matters office of the opposition leader,from presidential to either parliamentary or something hybrid.Generally most aspects of the Bomas draft might be used to strengthen the 2010 constitution.

Then being from a community that has suffered,we expect his leadership to be inclusive.Reformed police.Functioning institutions.

Economically,having trained in Germany,having copied japans idea of one village one industry…i guese the TVETs and juakali will power the baby steps to industrial revolution.

Umafwi thread

Azimoo were to provide concrete evidence that showed votes tallied in the polling station were different from the portal 34A. But they came up with carmago and Venezuela load of crap.

Raila hana option if he doesn’t do the protests someone else will