I WILL NOT GO!, Wanyama tells Drumpf

Wanyama refuses to be deported.

Drumpf lacks the finesse to understand what Wanyama’s role in that community is.

Very sad. I feel for all Kenyans living in the US illegally.

Very sad

Hawa warudi Kenya pia sisi tuna vyuo vikuu ambazo wanaweza kufunza na itaongezea kwa kiasi kikumbwa masomo ya kenya

Fight!! Fight!! Fight!!

In this case, the local Minneapolis /St Paul community loses a pillar, as the St. Paul mayor referred to him as.

The guy has kids in school. Why forcefully separate them?

How come he doesn’t have citizenship after all those years?

Did u get ur papers sorted?

Hehe coz si shine eye


Kwani huku kuna nini hataki kurudi.

Who will employ him?fact, a place like KU & Jkuat wont employ him because of his surname…and even if they did will he draw the same kind of satisfaction from his job like hes doing over there? You are at oxford where research is heavily funded and lecturers paid well, simply put, your work is appreciated and you can tell from the support that the students also love his input alafu ukuje huku kule wamekataa to implement a CBA na kuna strike
@The Realism , if you have been to a Kenyan varsity then you wont make such a statement
The only thing I don’t understand is why he hasn’t made his stay there permanent…ama ni patriotism

JKUAT and KU are pro western MTU wao.

Has this story reached mainstream sorry, githeri media,

Pessimistic Kenyan

I am not a united statitian representative to answer the question raised however let’s develop our ancestral countries.

KU kicked out the likes of Murunga…look at their recent recruits and you will notice a pattern

Are you even aware that lecturers are on strike?