I will never be a politician

So, today being a Friday, I decided to get a cut…Ya nywele za kichwa… I went to Katiba house being my usual spot for my hair, I fellowship with one of those barbers, the shop was busy with a few clients, I took a newspaper ,started reading, while the barber started small political chit chats, I came to know that Naivasha has 17 guys who are aspiring for Kihagis seat… One of the aspirant who is the most active became the actual topic, guys sweared how the dude would never grab that seat…

The main reason is that he is arrogant, loves women and mistreats his employees…although those the characteristics of our politician… Angalia Njoroge… The barber tried to defend him, with his own reservations ,he explained how the dude is a good client of his, who regularly visits the shop and of course tips, but he keeps on sending street boys to get a shave and never pays… Talk of the devil, the dude came in…

As usual, guys called him mheshimiwa, his security harassed a few boys who were there and of course he "jumped the cue "..as if I was there to read a paper.... He was introduced to us and of course campaign ikaanza, wacha vijana wamchoche, the same guys who were saying how they won't /cant elect him.... Wacha apewe strategies, by the time he left, aliacha 5k Ya lunch, immediately when he stepped out.... Guys divided that cash and swore not vote him in... Even for nominations... 

I hated politics…na nikahurumia mzee Sana…


This culture of cash handouts from politicians will forever ensure we don’t get good leaders.


utashangaa akishinda…izo pesa huwa na mapepo

Last week i got 3k from an aspiring MCA. He had invited wazees for lunch in an upmarket restaurant where he informed us of his bid.
Kwa Sera zake ile alidanganya kabisa ni ya education, eti atajenga village Polytechnics 10 in the whole ward, mie nilicheka tu, on health eti atajenga hosi na pesa ya CDF, kuskia hio ndio niliingia kwa net na sikumskiza tena hadi wakti wa kupokea pesa


You are too mean to become a politician.
I for one know I can’t make one since I value my privacy and deeply resent crowds.


Now i understand what these politicians were talking about when they said their huge pay perks end up in the hands of the mwananchi…ati akionekana anywhere ni mheshimiwa wacha chai/soda ya kiwanja

If this is what it takes… I will never be one… Am the organizing secretary of our Sacco, but believe you me, I never campaigned for the position…guys voted me in without using a single cent

Just wondering…how do people expect politicians not to loot, while they are expected to hand out cash at every instant…and have numerous invitations to harambes? Sometimes, if you think from the perspective of a politicians, the looting is justified.


Usijali, even guys with nudes or a sextape can’t become politicians.

To be a politician you need to have balls if steel juu ya kusumbuliwa time yote kwanza ukiwa McA na kila mtu anakujua kila siku watu wako kwako wakitaka usaidizi and going to functions almost daily

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Pesa ya hawa mafala lazma tukule. It can never ever influence my vote.

nilijaribu 2007. spent kedo 250k in 2 weeks or so… wacha tu.


Secretary General wa Sacco with less 50 people and you are the HR in that organization, who can dare not vote for you?



Politics is no longer a peasant affair.

Too short bwana… Weka ikiwa post/hekaya …i hope ulipata kiti

You know that Sacco… Probably, you are a member… Trust me, we are over 4k guys country wide

Juzi naongea na mzae akanishow ati anaenda kwa neighbor…MCA wa mtaani anakuom kuwabongesha venye anataka kueka street lights. My query was alikuwa wapi 5yrs ndio sasa doh za mataa zimepatikana?