I will be the first Kenyan and probably African to write a big good comprehensive book like the ones you see in the library.

I have always wondered why I can never find a single, just one, only one book in a library written by an African leave alone a Kenyan. I mean these big books about Physics, Engineering, Medicine, Programming, Biology, Chemistry etc

The only books that are written by Kenyans (Africans) are those High School and Primary books which still are very shallow, poorly explained and they haven’t done research to establish the why(s)

If you’re a scholar you need to provide two things to what you have read: one is why is something (the thing you’ve read) so and so; and the second is: where and how is the thing applied in real life.

You see those High School and Primary books all they do is state but don’t provide the 2 things I have said above. The reason they don’t is that the writers haven’t done any research, which is a typical thing from an African:

That once a person clears University/College the shallow learning they gained is enough. They may be forced to learn only if their careers require certifications but not because they want to advance, be better in their careers. In short learning, gaining knowledge, is something which is just being forced to the African way of things.

You can count with your hands how many people have books in their homesteads for research purposes. People would rather they fill their minds with politics, mushenee, how they’re going to quarrel with their neighbors etc

It is not uncommon to hear a guy from Kenya saying High School education is meaningless and also university education is just a waste of time as what they learned little to none applied in their career.

The reason why that is the case is because of the shallow teaching one was provided for by their teachers (who do no research) and the shallow, poorly written books and notes they had to learn from.

Even though what most learn in the university doesn’t translate to a career training, the learning is meant to act as a strong foundation to one’s career upon which the person will be meant to do further research as they progress in their career

But mwafrika na kitabu (iwe mwanafunzi au mwalimu) ni kama maji na mafuta. Hawaelewani kabisa!! A student will only read if there’s an exam he is preparing for. I guess you can’t compare graduates from Civil Engineering from UON to the graduates from China. Look at the roads and things those guys are building. And likewise you can’t compare their professors, you see professors teaching in YouTube but can that professor from our local university, UON, KU do it.

What about this sir?
[SIZE=5]Essentials of highway engineering[/SIZE]
Main Author: Gichaga, Francis J.Other Authors: Parker, Neville A.

A tiger doesn’t pronounce it’s tigritude…

I think the guy is talking about his village (Not Ktalk)…

Huyo gichaga ni lecturer wangu. Kumbe yeye ni jina kubwa ameandika kitabu

TL ; DR.

I knew that no knowledge is useless, the day I read an article on bacteria(Streptomyces formicae KY5) found in kenyan ants, being studied for the development of a mechanism for synthesising antibiotics. Guess who lead this research? A mzungu. Hapa mtu akistudy entomology na microbiology/biochemistry anaambiwa ni useless course amefanya. Meanwhile, tutaimport the same antibiotics developed from knowledge that was right before our eyes. Ukiona izi gvt. za maeuropeans zinaoffet grants to research that seems meaningless, usidhani ni uselessness.

They tried… big-ups to them but those are not a book they wrote; those are notes

Even in our universities we have good well-presented notes (usually in pdf form) based on a topic (unit) written by our lecturers. And if a lecturer writes good notes, their notes may cross borders.

The big thing is in research. I wish our government would see sense and give more funding to research.

My friend do research and read widely, Africans more so Kenyans have nice books. Usidharau professors wetu. The big problem is that Muafrika will not appreciate the effort made by fellow mwafrika. Muafrika believes the white nugus are the best yet most of them are useless just like we Afrikans. Sasa you need to soma saana, do research and you will notice that Afrikans use their own books bwaana.

Anyway Africans only study and learn dead things e.g. Kinjeketile Ngwale, Vasco da gama, Masaku, etc

Gichaga alikuwa beast wa transportation engineering. He retired from uon this year.

Ungemuuliza but how comes ni Chinese ndio wanaunda said highways?

u need to understand the process of bringing a highway to you. I will explain Briefly: Feasibility studies, Preliminary and Detailed Design and finally Construction. More often than not the Chinese comes at this last leg and i will explain why. See, the first two phases of developing a highway project will take 10% of the total project Sum while Construction takes 90%. Now, the government is known not to honour its payments to Contractors in a timely manner and this way the Chinese, who have the financial muscle and can get cheaper loans from their home country operate without the timely payment knowing that they will get paid their dues plus interest on delayed payment. A local contractor will be unable to proceed since the interest rates from banks might be higher than what they might get as interest on delayed payment and hence it becomes unattractive to borrow money for the construction activities. These local Contractors heavily depend on timely payment from the government and when this doesn’t happen, the work is affected causing delays. Of course there are quite a number of rogue local contractors and that’s the story for another day.