I watched My dad get stoned and burned to death....

Tears roll down the cheeks of 25-yearold Irene Jeruto from Tenges, Baringo county, while she recalls how her late beloved father was stoned and burned to death during the 2008 post-election

She was barely 16 years when she accompanied her late father Charles Keitany to Mary Mount Secondary School in Nakuru on January 21, 2008. In a statement written by Jeruto and seen by the Star in their home in Tenges, Baringo Central subcounty, on Saturday, schools opened on January 14, 2008, and the girl student was already a week late.

“On January 21, 2008, while at home, my father received a phone call from one Mr Richard, my class teacher, asking of my whereabouts.

“He then informed my dad that I was late for school as I was the only student who had not reported,” read part of her statement. Amid the conversation, she said the teacher assured her father that everything
had settled after the election violence, and that the road looked calm and normal. Her father accepted and
promised him (teacher) that he could accompany me to school the following day.

“On January 22, 2008, I left for school with my father after breakfast and a “It is then that two men entered the vehicle and pushed me to the centre. They struggled to tear my clothes,
which I resisted so hard. “Some women screamed and pleaded with them to let me go,” she said, pausing to wipe tears.

She said the rowdy youth rushed in with a four litre jerrican full of petrol and poured it on the bonnet of the vehicle,while others were busy disconnecting things from the front, before setting it ablaze.“Police arrived, I don’t know from where, and they pulled me out of the vehicle and drew me inside their land rover, while our vehicle was already ragingwith fire,” she said.

Jeruto said the police made a stopover where her father was lying. “I jumped to lean on him, touching him and crying for help as blood oozed profusely from his head. He was still conscious but not talking anymore. I screamed,” she said. She said a Red Cross vehicle stopped a few metres from where they were and
she pleaded with them to help, but was shocked when one of the officials retorted,

“What did you come to do here?”
“Before we left, I saw some people pour petrol on my father, then I pleaded
with the police to stop them but nothing was done to help my father,” she said.
She said she found herself in Mau Summit police station, where she was
helped into a room by a police officer who gave her a basin and bath water.

Irene Jeruto, 25, is overwhelmedwith tears as she narrates the execution of her father Charles Keitany in Molo, Nakuru county, in 2008. She was speaking in Tenges in Baringo Central, Baringo County
on Saturday

Charles Keitany’s widow Milka Keitany addresses the media at her home in Tenges, Baringo Central, Baringo
county, on Saturday. She urged Kenyans to uphold peace family prayer at 8am, and then we drove in the August 8 general election She said they made a stopover in Eldama- Ravine so her father, who was
then working with the Water ministry, could seek a day-off to accompany her to school. “I also did my shopping, enough for the entire first term, as I was headed to join form two,” Jeruto said. She said her class teacher kept calling her father to inquire where they had reached, adding that the traffic on the road was low. They encountered only about three vehicles from Mukutano junction on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway
heading to Molo.


The town seemed deserted and quiet. There was minimal activity, with few shops operational. Then we entered one petrol station to fuel our vehicle. She said while they were at the filling station, some people came to inspect the vehicle and left talking in low tones. Immediately afterwards, another group appeared with similar moves before we noticed road blocks of heavy stones in front and behind us.

That her father attempted to drive away but he couldn’t make it past the swelling crowd that had already surrounded them (both men and women). In the process, she said one youth snatched the keys out of their vehicle while her father pleaded to the young man to surrender back the keys. Instead, the boy threw the keys onthe ground and ordered my father to collect them on his own.

Upon sensing danger, she said her father called her class teacher Mr Kariuki to inform him that they were already in Molo town and the road had been blocked, asking him to come and pick them. But then on his reply, the teacher told him to wait for 10 minutes. “Meanwhile, the group had regrouped into small
gatherings and seemed to engage themselves in serious talks,” Jeruto said.

She said within a few minutes, the group surrounded their vehicle, then one of them ordered her father to lower the windscreen from his side before slapping him hard. “I was seated at the rear seat of the vehicle, so I could see everything done to my father,” she said.

The girl further narrates that her father tried to speed off but the crowd rained stones, breaking all the windows. “Then my father got out of the vehicle, trying to plead with them but was
not listened to… I also chipped in to plead with them not to hurt my father, but they shouted me down by asking me whether it was my father or myself who voted. It is then that they started beating and throwing stones at him, blood oozing from all over his body as I watched helplessly,” she said.She said while she was inside the vehicle, a certain woman from the crowd snatched the phone from her while she was trying to reach for anyone she could get online to come and rescue her father.

As the country approaches a fresh poll, Irene Jeruto pleads that never again should violence prevail

From the meat wrappers…

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Why are you intent on opening old wounds…you should have it where it was. With the meat wrappers…

i thought old wounds would be reopened by implementing the TJRC Report

A whole VE pink handor cant put it in bullet form…

lazima usome full full hakuna shortcut ya summary

Be positive for once…isht too negative, never really helped anybody. Bad things happen its life. warramisaying preach hope.asande

Nigga ain got time for that…You wanna make a nigga read… will do kesho then after am sober


wewe mkiwa na Jaymoh ni kama you are sending a coded message to some of your mungich followers, a call for arms

and there are people who are beating the war drums again. I cry for my motherland.

ndio tufanye ?

sio lazma usome? kama haikufurahishi you can always move on to the next post

lol sawa kuja kesho

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Have never understood human beings, yaani you kill others simply because you dont speak the same language. In Zimbabwe we had the Gukurahundi war where Shonas systematically eliminated ndebeles, In Uganda Amin was on another level, in Rwanda we had the Tutsi/Hutu genocide, Central Africa Republic decided to slaughter muslims, in South Sudan we have Machar, Kiir animals slaughtering each other, Kenya sisi ndio hao, Nigeria wakaamua kuua Igbos during the civil war, Eastern Europe is even more notorious, non croats were slaughtered in Croatia, Serbs had to flee Kosovo and i have not even mentioned cases of xenophobia. Yaani we have never evolved from our brutalities of Ancient and medieval times…In a poor country like Kenya the only war worth fighting is a class one kama ile ya French revolution, hizi zingine sijui ni za nini


The teacher is to blame…he/she adviced/pressured the parent to come bring the child to school na alikuwa anajua the roads are not safe…then the police and red cross did not help rescue the Dad and take him to hospital

Sasa hii inasaidia aje wakati siasa zimechacha. Ama ni kukumbusha everyone that tulipigina 2007/8. Who gains by reading these articles at this time.


As the country approaches a fresh poll, Irene Jeruto pleads that never again should violence prevail.

the only way to deal and heal these wounds is by talking about it, arresting the perpetrators if possible, national healing and solving these land issues…In Molo and Njoro people were fighting because they knew they would be evicted form their shambas. These land issues have not been solved even now…they are still smouldering kichinichini…people are still bitter…so sweeping them under the carpet haisaidii

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Molo. Land clashes have happened every election year since 1992. A brutal cycle that has not been broken since then. And the ‘land clashes’ have all been about some reaidents being perceived as having voted for the opposition. When will these wounds heal?

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This serves as a warning to us foolish peasants who are sharpening our axes to buthcher one another on 9/8. I wish we could recite Baba’s closing remarks last evening.

That said, UOTP.

A pendulum swings both sides, what did they expect after kuchomea watu kwa kanisa

basis weka post yako private