I was raped at Jeevanjee Gardens while 5 months pregnant – Popular Governor’s former side chick reveals

Friday, November 12, 2021 – Former Nairobi Diaries actress, Black Cinderella, has narrated her rape ordeal.

Speaking recently in one of the local radio stations, the mother of one revealed she was raped while she was five months pregnant.

Back then, life was so tough.

She used to sleep in the cold at Jeevanjee Gardens since she couldn’t afford to pay rent.

“While five months pregnant, I was homeless and I used to sleep at Jeevanjee Gardens.

“On one particular night. I was raped,” she said.

The former socialite also disclosed that it was not the first time she was being raped.

When she was 15 years old, she was raped by a taxi guy – who was well known to her.

“I was 15 years old and I was raped by someone I know. He was a taxi guy. I had been suspended from school and while on my way back home, I decided to go to town.

“He was later arrested but because I was a rogue child, he said I used to sneak from school and go to meet him. My mother got tired of following up the case,” she opened up.

She also revealed during the interview that she was once dating a popular Governor who was married.

“I once dated a Governor. I cannot mention him, he has a family but I’m grateful because he did many things for me, paying for my school fees and giving me money.

“He also bought me a piece of land, he took care of my parents and even got me my first car but it was not in my name,” she said.

She ended her relationship with the Governor after meeting her baby daddy, a Nigerian man.

“After our break up, I returned the car because I found a guy and I fell in love. The relationship did not work because the Governor was old and with his old age, there was no future. However, we still communicate,” she added.


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Hii si story ya Anita rey

Who that?

Hakuna rape, huyu ako tu na u-maliar kwa DNA, alianza tu akiwa mtoto. She’s just a cheap whore who enjoys regaling anyone within earshot with her whoring stories.



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Rape gani. I have met ladies who claim to have been raped severally. Ikipita once, hio ingine ni kujitakia.

:D:D He later bought me a piece of land. Lol. Hekaya.

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