I Was Duped!!!!kalonzo now Declares

It is becoming interesting by the day.


[SIZE=7]We have no idea what we signed at KICC, we will revisit - Kalonzo[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]He said parties were hurriedly presented with two documents to sign.[/SIZE]
In Summary
• He revealed that during the meeting at the KICC, parties were hurriedly presented with two documents to sign.
•The former Vice President noted that his party declined to sign that part of the agreement.
Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka addresses the media at the SKM Command Centre, Karen.
Image: FILE
Wiper Democratic Movement Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka on Monday, March 14, said the agreement they signed at KICC, Nairobi, during the coronation of Raila Odinga was not smoothly done.
Speaking to KTN News at his Tseikuru home, Kitui County, Kalonzo said there are doubts about the transparency of the process, stating that most of the parties were not aware of what they signed.

seems a bigger offer has been made

maybe the guy had planned to rock the boat from within. makau mutua is fuming.

Kucheza kama yeye

Watermelon soap opera continue…men I’m enjoying seeing the weekly meltdowns from RAT and handcheque teams are delirious right now. Complete confusion, lack of tact and blame going all around.

Watermelon said this because even the running mate position is not in the table. He was offered PM position if bbi is saved at SC. :D. Something even he know is not possible. SC will not save it and secondly there will be no referendum before elections. So he is protestimg now. Running mate position is for jayden or giddy. If you want mass funding from.mama ngina then that remains her position. Watermelon can’t even explain to wiper leaders what he exactly signed for. Its true

jana waliona the real earthquake pale Thika stadium. I think that event made kamelon rethink. Mt. Kenya is fully behind Chief Hustler. Even the gatheca’s best friend kabogo amesema hatauzwa kwa jakuon.

Kalonzo ni ng’ombe ya zebu


Game changaaa tulizeni kinyambis UDAku adherent. Musaliti mudavadi ni kama atarudi ODM chini ya maji.


Thika was explosive and the energy electric. Central and Mt. Kenya yote erupted in unison. Lakini wamatangi bana. Umetoka meeting state house within 30 min and he defects. He just left there after telling jayden he has no votes at home. Imeenda and since that news is the last straw then he humbly resigns. He leaves after saying bye. Before they digest the news then he is on Thika defecting. Hiyo defections imeuma directly at state house. So the question is who is left. muraithe na nani mwingine?

People have a tendency to lap up written words without fact checking.

Keeping an eye on Kalonzo’s twitter. Let the man speak for himself before lamenting/celebrating/ etc


Uzuri ni kwamba Kalonzo himself knows all too well that he is hopeless and stupid. The disturbing thing is that he never puts any effort to improve his status. The tragic thing is too many of his people have invested too much faith in him despite his lukewarm character and ineptitude! He is an insult to the nourishing watermelon because at least the watermelon has some distinct sweetness!

Imagine Kalonzo as president:D:DHuyu atasign treaties zenye hajasoma ata alafu tujipate tumeuzwa kama slaves or tujipate we’re a colonial province to a foreign power:D:D

Usual spineless , selfish kigeugeu who acts before thinking.

Why can’t just shut up!

Sometimes its smart to just keep quiet.

Melon kalooser already told us he is the most stupid person in the world. Who is surprised?

He loves the attention.

I’m just waiting to see whether Mt.Kenya will still be behind ruto after he picks MDVD as dp and also after the nominations are done. Celebrating now is very premature :D:D:D vinduvichenjanga