I was coached by Bonny.. nyakundi

The man who alleged to have worked with Wsr and actively participated in the well organized murder of JJ has changed his story… The gentleman surprised a Nairobi based court when he submitted his own hand written affidavit claiming that he was coached by B. Mwangi…

Wapi popcorns

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Hihihihihihihihihi! This is turning out to be a very stupid case.



Either the jamaa is using facts in the public domain (WSR Vs. Mwangi) to scatter more red herrings into the mix, or he was genuinely used by Bonnie to give legitimacy to the libelous statements he is being charged with.

…or he was planted by Ruto from the beginning to give Boniface hope of plausible cause.

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Arap mashamba anaona sisi mbuzi/punda za mogotio



Now that is so far fetched that it is laughable.



I think mwas left him to rot in jail… Jamaa akaona atomboe siri

What reason would Ruto have to ‘give hope’ to an attention deficient hacktivist?

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I feel for JJ’s relations

So that he can lodge the suit in confidence, then watch it as it crumbles and case is quashed. That way, once the courts absolve WSR, Boniface is labelled as a sham and no one will take him seriously.

Boss wacha movies most… How can he destroy his reputation willingly for a mere activist?

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Why not.

Even you need to study the Fourth Law of Holes carefully.

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Everything has a cost. The damage done to Boniface will be much worse than allegations. Remember ICC? What would be worse than PEV reputation? How did those witnesses pull out?

Doesn’t the Fourth Law of Holes apply to people on the same team?

DONT. as his nephew I say good riddance. huyu jamaa alikosanisha boma yote.