I want to start a chicken farm!

I have a nice sized piece of land in Kajiado bought from a Masaai by my parents back in the 70’s. It has laid idle for so long that it was recently almost grabbed by unscrupulous land grabbers but we took care of them with some Rungus and handcuffs.

I then had an idea I can use this piece of land and start a chicken farm and I was wondering if anyone had any wisdom and advice you can give me when i start this venture.

A chicken is a perfect animal since it gives you eggs, meat and you can refuse its feathers for making things out of them…

Do your research. Where do you plan to sell your he chickens n and what eggs, what’s your competition? How’s the demand in the area you intend to supply?
Do that homework and also understand the ups and downs.
Kajiado soil is good for farming if you have access to my water.
You could try some fruit trees if you have a good size of land and since yall aren’t using the land that would be a good start in my opinion.

Chicken on the same land that lay idle for decades? Are you planning to move there ama utakuwa unazichunga remotely?

Usisahau maasai hapana kula ndege wala mayai so do your market research vizuri

How much working capital have you layed out?
You looking for broilers, layers, kuroilers, ama kienyeji?
Do you know where to get quality feed or will you mix it yourself?
Do you have a veterinary doctor on speed dial?
Water must be plenty plus a farm hand.

Kienyeji ndio kila kitu plus fruit trees as suggested in the replies above.

Barabara ikiwa sawa ataleta hadi nailand

What fruit trees does well in kajiado?

The market I’m looking into tapping is the organic market in Kenya for all these growing Expats and for Kenyans of course. And I eventually want to target the coast and eventually expand to ME by supplying them Halal chicken.

The land is over 10acres, no access to water but a borehole was dug back in the 80’s but never used.

Which type of fruit trees? Can oranges grow in Kenya?

Waiting for Magadi Rd construction to start…

I haven’t decided. I kinda want to do it remotely but I’ll have to be on the ground planning for a year.

Food is an acquired taste, no one said there’s anything that will happen if a Maasai eats a hen.

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Kuku kwangu is a no no.Hizo vitu hula sana na pia magonjwa yakija yanafagia stock yote.Kama una maji karibu,jaribu kupanda tree tomato,Hay ya kuuza as it also protects the soil,dairy goat keeping or even sheep keeping in paddocks.Less labour intensive.Kuku i don’t encourage.

Weka mbuzi and sell them every Christmas, kuku ni stress, they need to be very closely managed if you are to turn a profit

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Niliona some chicken farmers in Kiambu complaining about chicken feeds being too costly. What do you plan to do about that?
How big is that land anyways?


I plan to substitute some feeds with meal worms, veggies etc. I’ll still buy good feed…

Like around 15 acres.

With technology chicken farming has become simpler.

To ensure chickens don’t get sick the key is reduce as much human contact as possible and if need to do so wear protection.

Bro you’re a billionaire kwa hii kijiji ya @Deorro
Usisahau kupanda miti especially at the perimeter to mark property line

My parents bought the land so cheap back in the 70s it has laid idle for so long.

My other family members are not interested so I want to use the land to start a chicken farm.

We built a fence after some tried to grab the land. I like that tree idea…