I Want To Relocate To Another country !

Wadau niambieni what i have to do to relocate to another country nikae na racist wazungu , japanese or koreans , what are the requirements , advice me generally about everything .

i honestly hate kenya , every second i waste in kenya najichukia , kenya is sinking : the society is pretentious and politics here is trash , the people are ignorant and hate progress . Wivu kila mahali and lack of help from people you expect . our concept of family is broken down . Family is distant and our community is rotten . I feel like my heart doesn’t belong to kenya . Kenya ni meffi

They say east or west, home is best.
Be broke or jailed in a foreign land ndio utajua.

Uende Europe uoshe manyanya matako

nakamua tunyanye kama @Purple kwa mwosho mmoja tu then napanda metro nafika home nakula lazagna alafu na kula bibi mzungu shosho kama @Panyaste★

Go and travel instead. Dude, if you live abroad your life will be so wasted by the racist system. I have relatives that I visit in States after every couple of years and I can tell you those guys may have cars and renting nice apartments but they are doing it tough.

[SIZE=7]Home is where your heart is ![/SIZE]

This statement is 100% ngay, my friend.

Enda Zoomalia uchunishwe na ulambe makende za @Bingwa Scrotum bila kutusumbua ibilisi wewe.

toa umama hapa , meffi

If you have a profession kama Nurse or Doctor, you will be a hot cake…You can emigrate to Canada or Australia. Alternatively, enda utembelee mtu na ujifinye huko as Nigerians or Eritreans do. Ukishikwa for illegal immigration hire a progressive lawyer and say they are arresting you for being black. The case will die pap!

:D:D hehe sasa nikuwe activist tena ?

Australia is the latest immigration fad

Kwa wazungu “family is distant” “community iko rotten”
Kwa wazungu utataabika sana hakunaga help uko kutoka kwa marafiki ama family

At least you are doing something about it. That is commendable than those lizards who keep bitching and mourning about Africa and never leave. I wish you luck. Go to UK because that is where most of Kenyas stolen wealth is resting

Don’t assume all Kenyans live like your relatives. While you are there, try and travel a bit much more. What you find may surprise you.

It’s not that they all live like my relatives. I just used this as an example. I heard stories about the torment from countless friends and colleagues at work. There are threads here also narrating about the same thing. Ok I agree it’s not all gloom and that you will get your fair share of Kenyans who have somehow managed to make it out there. Those are still in the minority. The majority are struggling and being treated like second class citizens.

Now with corona don’t think the situation will be any better. Kenyans should just now get used to living here and not rushing abroad.

This is one of those tiresome threads of diaspora versus non diaspora. This guy is telling a big fat lie, his relatives are strugglers abroad. Hence why we are launching a new one where diasporians are on a level playing field but still keeping abreast of news and politics in Kenya.

I can’t blame him. As I said I have been traveling a fair bit with work to Africa, Europe and the odd travel to US, and whenever I meet people in diaspora what I see is a front that they project. You will find someone rolling with a nice ride (bought on credit), staying in a modern house (mostly rented) and the like. So a lot of these people are bogged down by debt or rich on credit. On top of that wanadharauliwa huko so all that amounts to nothing.

Look, it doesn’t matter where one makes it and it shouldn’t bother us if someone is ok or not by being abroad or here. The problem a lot of people have is how they look down upon those back in Kenya. You will often hear them put Kenya down in the name of being objective. Their body language also when going out tells a lot about their attitude.

Just a small lesson here. In Kenya, a car is an asset. That means you buy a car, 2 years later the vehicle still holds its value, sometimes even more. In the US a car is a liability. Purchase the vehicle now and drive to the highway. If you try and sell the car back to the salesman, he will take it with a 30% discount. That is, it’s a liability. A depreciating asset. That is the reason people finance cars. Why use your hard earned $20K when you can pay a paltry $200 a month and earn interest on your $20k in a fund. Also remember that the finance interest is 1-4%, less than inflation. This has other implications . There’s also an argument of rent vs own a house but I will let you settle with this today.
If you get another chance to visit, a little bit of an open mind will help you see more than when you go shopping.

if you stay in a ditch in new york or paris for a while then u go to a third country , you will find yourself looking down upon the bonobos who have no problem living in a corrupt disorganised country unlike your stable overseas paradise …lazima matatu , vumbi na sewage kila mahali itakubore …it’s human . Kumbuka you also go to shags and view watu wa ushago differently …