I want to find a similar editable graphic

Can someone point me to where I can find a similar graphic so I can edit and add my text?[ATTACH=full]371533[/ATTACH]

How lazy can one be? Using the most of basic softwares can easily edit out the text and add fresh ones.

PowerPoint free templates

Use PowerPoint to create these…

Hii unaweza tengeneza on PowerPoint from scratch. Also the centre text seems out of place. When creating yours try and integrate it with the rest of the design .

Also, I could create this for you but I am worth $200 an hour. But you can find cheaper humans on the fiver website where you can have it done for $5. If you have some time to yourself… just teach yourself these skills.

mthamaki alituahidi atapea kila mtoi wetu laptop, Ona sasa tushaanza kuhisi madhara ya uongo wake.