I want to bang my sister in law.

This pretty lady haki ya nani.

Im also in a dillem…the is a cousin(our gradndfathers are bros) of mine amenipenda sana…anataka nimbang…ata nimeshindwa nfanye nn


Kula yeye, wagunya huoana atafirst cousins… Next question!


Hapa bila mbicha au sketch ya sis-in-law tutasema ni ndoto au hekaya…

… came to the right place. We have people who’ve banged in-laws so you’re in good company.


He can inbox @aviator


wa tata nia tatagîrio na wa maama nîamamagîrio.
kuleni vitu tutanyonyesha ile itazaliwa

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don’t think about it? u will regret

only 2 females exculusive your mother and sister hao wengine ata usi think twice :smiley:


ni sawa unaeza bang but remember io one hour of pleasure might become a lifetime of regret…

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go ahead and give us a hekaya the forum will benefit from your content

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Hii ni rule namba ngapi kwenye sheria za fisi?

SN kamua hio nyoka sawasawa,Then after kukamua pls get back to us, We would love to hear kama hio kinyunyui inafeel kama kama ya wifey.

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Same situation here! But it aint worth it. Enda MIA ya 6 months … Utasahau tu


Even your aunt??

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Nilikuwa tempted ku dryfry a cousin but thank God i didnt make that move. As some one said after kumtia uta regret forever.

Am also at crossroads should i marry a ngurino who offers boring missionary ama a neighborhood crook & get a daily Bj

hapana hii nya’ngau inatudanganya just admit it you Dryfried her then ika kuhaunt for a while and now you are over your regrets

A total screw-up like u was as a result of inbreeding, decadent genes of ur clan became dominant in your blood! :smiley: so you will be aggrevating an already worse situation, that is if she gets paged!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: