I wanna learn to trade binary that this fear is holding me back


I’m interested in learning how to trade binary options.


My greatest worry is consistently losing my because of the Dunning Kruger effect (ie when a beginner learns the basics and then overestimates their proficiency and assuming that they’re at least at intermediary level).

Any tips?


‘Peak of Mt. Stupid’? ‘Valley of despair’?
Its your money,and your fears. Choose wisely…

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Options trading ni opuss, you’re better off buying and selling the normal way… provided you use reasonable leverage. The devil is in the details of the option Greeks. For example, if the asset has a delta of 0.5 then out of a 200 pip move, you only earn an equivalent of 100 pips.
So if your analysis inakuambia you need to buy calls, you’re better off just going long and using low leverage - proper risk management.
The real money in options trading comes from taking advantage of mispricing, and I doubt you have the technical ability to do that. Alternatively, you can become an options writer but you need serious bankroll in order to be on the safe side.

Trading Binaries is just like gambling in a casino. Its a 50/50 thing, there is no winning formula. Once you start, place smaller stakes of say $1.

@Barueri has put it like I would. Read his advice.

Do yourself a favour and run away from this. The history of Binary Options trading is quite messy. It isn’t profitable in any way. You might’ve seen the ads circulating the web about Olymp Trade, and how people have made money with it. I know that you’ve also seen the ranking section, where you might be convinced that people are making tons of money. That’s all a scam. The interface of Binary Options platform(both Olymp and iq option) looks all fancy but in reality, it’s all bulls**t. Binary Options is prone to manipulation by the brokers themselves, and there’s a 90% chance your money doesn’t get to the markets, anyway. Many of them have been caught by the SEC. My advice is that you abandon the thought of Binary Options, and instead, switch to Forex Trading, which is, by far, the most scalable and sustainable choice. Caution: it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. In case you need some further guidance, feel free to dm me.

Forex trading does it for me.

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You are indeed a real talker who push people to face reality…I know @Reveille would thank you very much…

@Kigui is aging. I had hoped to catch up with some geeks hapa lakini hii Ni ngumu Sana. @denis young, si ulete thread ya investment tuone if we can contribute even if it’s just questions?

I am an old tired man now. You can only take the cows to the river. Whether they drink or not is entirely up to them. Nilichoka kupatia watu tips only for my inbox to be flooded by NV and randoms that found the post on Google search.

Binary options is a no go zone.Just learn forex trading then invest when you are ready.Your MUST have a strategy that you understand