I uniform itabadilishwa mara ngapi??


A user by the name of Don Obee opined, “No uniform will match the old ones, these new ones resemble a church uniform. They resemble the blue ones,”

Jaytee Juma was disappointed by the news, “This country is amazing. It is like we are always looking for ways to waste money,”


A photo collage of the newly introduced police uniform for testing

Misplaced priorities, how there is a budget for this and reduced budgets for state agencies to even finalize recruitment of young graduates beats me,” Ondimu Ezra lamented.

Steve Warui observed, “I think the uniforms ‘look better’ than the current ones. However, with ‘empty coffers’ and high cost of living, should this be a priority?”


Negro Is A Bad Manager

tender lazima ikulwe

tombweeer kumandege zako

Soja wangu kwa gate huvaa exactly kama hii

Freedom is here for tenderprenuers

Change the uniform of principal