I trust my kikuyu sisters ...Hata bobcollymore im sure kila siku alipewa mercury mdogo mdogo

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Saw a vid where that wairimu woman was actually crying saying “cohen please come back” saa hizo mandem ako kwa septic tank.Got me thinking bob collymore was married to that kyuk chic for how long again???Btw im kikuyu…ni mawazo tu.

So where will I get my yellow yellow momo

hahahaha i told a friend that bob colymore alikua anakula cyanide 0.05 grams everyday haha

Wewe utatupwa Mara River hautapatikana


Huyu mwoman ameharibia mwomen za Kenya who wish to get married to jungu men. Hio news iko all over these sides…wanashinda wakiirudia coz they know many german men(the rejects) ushuka kenya kutafuta mabibi

:D:D:D:D:D:D wewe coz hauna pesa vile…labda upewe potassium permanganate…:D:D:D:D:D:D


wanawake wetu wako hussle maze…alafu naskia that woman came with kids into the marriage na wakasomeshwa mpaka majuu na huyo mzungu.

:D:D:D:D:D:D im also thinking the same …i mean how lucky can you be???you marry a billionare then three years later he is dead?

i know right, hawa wazungu give our sisters 1st class treatment lakini as they say asanti ya punda… i know many kenyan chics who were nuthing in kenya alafu wakaletwa huku na mzungu…ujinga yao wanaanza ku-cheat on the mzungu with Kenyan men or Naija men. Mzungu finds out anapiga mtu divorce mwoman ana rudishwa Kenya back to square 1 or kama alikuwa amezalia mzungu which gives her citizenship anabaki huku but msoto

I think DCI should just ignore this case. During Mau Mau these people killed a lot of our grandpas


I tell people siku hizi we’re on a global situation, rep yourself well because we all get labeled by our nationality or tribe or religion.
Good thing, there’s an oversupply of information, so itapita tu.


I pray for my son @digi to not marry ‘Kenya lady’ apart from Pokomo or Taita!

Huyo bibi ya collymore lazima Ali poison MZITO pole pole .

Huyu okuyu wangu banaa nimeanza kuogopa but sijakuwa birionea so Niko safer .

I am a woman with a girl child but I always advocate for the rights of boychild. I always tell people that come-we-stay is far better than marriage coz you’re not bound by marriage certificate, sijui ooh tugawane Mali, sijui oooh I am the first wife, nyef nyef mingi bila makaratasi haiwezi saidia.

You don’t know white people… they think they’re individually invisible. :D:D

Philipinos are famous for doing the same shiat to American men, but as we speak they are flying out to look for their catch… :D:D

But you know after a while, hiyo come we stay becomes a marriage. Or at least a de facto one legally. The problem with these divorces is the couples fighting. Mud slinging. If they just agree on how to split , the courts will not come into play. It’s the same thing in a come we stay. You stayed together , made decisions dependently and so the property will be split accordingly by law.