WSR has the blessing and support of UK and Cendro to be president in 2022.

BUT the kales have already openly started undermining Ruto’s innocent ambition.

Atatoboa kweli kijana ya peasant??!

Gideon is our choice for 2022, former Cabinet Minister Musa Sirma declares


Sirma cannot muster the numbers to make him Eldama Ravine MP who is he talking for?

Tumetoka electionsa few months ago watu waeanza siasa za 2022

2022 nachukua kimilili MP

Umpeleke man cave…

Anza kuimport voters mapema. By the na hope chama ni KT

Why is Sirma former?

Kenyan politics

Sirma is a spent cartridge.

Kupita bila kusumbua kama sponsors.


Githeri media


Sirma is talking for someone to test how deep the waters are.

Because hes of zero importance. Where i work we call it probing attacks

Does it take away the fact that someone sizing up WSR? By focusing on the importance of Sirma you just missed the point. Just an opinion.

Of course Arap Mashamba knows that he has many enemies within and out.

But hes a schemer. And politics is a game of schemes

I guess Sirma’s pronouncements are yielding the effect that was intended seeing how emotional its getting.

That GMOI will NEVER be PORK is a fact cast (read cursed) in stone, ALL THANKS to POSHness. The guy is TOO POSH he can’t even communicate effectively in Swahili, Wanjiku’s language.
The same ‘CURSE’ will prevent another scion of the Kenyatta dynasty (beyond UK) to rise to the throan for a long, long time, may be until when Kenya will have become a developed nation.