I Told You American Vehicles Have Poor Workmanship


KDSS vs McSubway Burger PizzaHut quarter-pounder suspesion

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Hii madharau mnatoa wapi?

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American cars are pieces of shiet. Hata Tesla ziko na panel gaps and rusty cyber truck. Those guys can’t manufacture shit. Waachie Japan hiyo kazi

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Hii si poor workmanship. This is poor suspension from ford

The comparison shows underlying profit based motivation affecting longevity.

American vehicles have deliberate built in longevity of 6 years. Even their financing to buyers work around that with 72 month financing being the most popular.

Their goal is to make cars that last 6 years so the customer goes back to get a newer version with upgraded instrument. This keeps their auto factories busy and their highly paid employees occupied.

Making cars that last longer like the Japanese would work against their marketing strategy.


It’s true American cars just like their women are trashy.
But even the former heavyweights akina BMW and Toyota nowadays have planned obsolescence designed into their products.

Ukicheki Hadi benzes post 2000 are packed full of cheap plastics not meant to last unlike the older ones say w124, w202s you’d drive them till you die then your grandson continues driving it another 15 years


Pajero na Trooper za 1990s zilikuwa na suspenssion za nguvu sana. You could drink tea from a cup without spilling while on a very rough road. Those were the early days of gas based suspension


Vehicles in the U.S. keep getting older, hitting a record average age of 12.6 years in 2024 as people hang on to their vehicles largely because new ones cost so much.

Read more: https://abcnews.visitlink.me/QqL_hm

yeah uzuri wa nitrogen filled suspension ni they have a very good and progressive rebound rate. Also run much cooler.
Ubaya they tend to fail and leak internally.
Hizi za oil you can very easily spot leaks.