I thought they know Kung Fu n shit, fo sho!

Dey wuz kung fu warriorz n shaolin masterz n shit, fo sho!

Dey wuz Bruze Lee n Jet li n Kwain chan cain fo sho!

Dey wuz legit, fo sho!


In the beginning walikuwa wanachapwa kofi wanafaint. Wanapigwa teke ya tumbo wanakunia. Siku hizi Tyrone hacheki nao hataaaa!

Na vile @Sambamba anaamini Chinese are tough. Oh well but that is the same @Sambamba who hires Jakaduong’ @Kodiaga to be his watchman.

No sympathy for the slit eyed mofos.

Upuss!He killed an innocent woman

I have never understood why any foreigner in US has to be referred by his continent of birth. I find it kinda racist. Any black person is African-American, any yellow person is Asian-American, any South American is Latino American but ikifika kwa whites hakuna kitu kama European-American ni White tu leave alone the fact that America had its native people who were not white. Political correctness doesnt apply to White people. Yikes!

Mkiitwa blacks mnachizi. Hakuna mtu anataka kuitwa rangi yake.

In fact the word white man is also derogatory.

They are caucasians.

Red Indians came from Asia.

Huyo negrump anakaa zinjanthropus banae

Isnt European a better term? since literally Caucasian refers to people from Georgia and the Caucasus mountains.

Native/Indigenous Americans. Indians are in India.

The term white has changed over time. Originally, the term was used to refer to the Nordics, and as late as mid 1940, Italians weren’t referred as whites.
The Irish were solid as slaves in the Caribbean Islands by the Brits.
Caucasus mountains, is where the demarcation of Europe and Asia is.

White power!!! Most are irish,krauts,ruskis,brits and shït but hawataki kujulikana

Chinese can be nuked for all I care. Very useless mfs those ones. Racist and black hearted to the core.

Dont forget the white man. He is also racist and black hearted to the core.

@Ndindu n @LuandaMagere wil not like dis drowin, fo sho.

Dey know dey wuz kangz n shit.

Royalz n shit, fo sho!



Believe it or not. Kuna clip ya huyo jamaa kwa dailymail akitolewa kwa hio nyumba na anashout ,“I @Ndindu nuffin!”

He was caught hiding under the victim’s bed.


SMH, damn negrumps, when will they learn?

Wewe inakaa ulikamuliwa bibi na mchinku na mjulus 2”. Fungua roho kijana

Bruh? I have been with the whites for 4 years now and those have been my best years ever. I don’t refute that they aren’t racist, but the proportion is far far far far far far less than the slit eyed Chinks. To hell with them.