I Thought The Census Will Be Digital ?!

First , acha niseme , fk jubilee , fk uhuru & last but not least double fk RUTO . This country is a sh hole . sande sana .

… Villagers , if the census uses 16 Billion & a huge chunk of it on technology , why will it take months to get results . That robs us of one of the benefits of a digitisation . (speed) . Usisahau 3 months is 90 days …

[SIZE=5]digital census , my foot ! …[/SIZE]


They have to clean the data, remove duplicates, extrapolate missing values, and then consolidate everything. But hapo kwa 16 billion, most of it probably goes to server maintenance, internet costs and salaries.


Halafu wamenunua hard disk za 40 TB kuistore ya 500$


Naskia watu wa census wako na badges zimeandikwa with pen & paper.Ni ukweli ama?

Kama huelewi majibu unauliza swali ya nini, if you need to convince yourself not to be counted there are easier ways to do that.

Stop being mediocre , i did not say anything …

Explain to me how doing a digital census would have been accomplished. Some people like saying things just to sound cleaver.


Hii ni scando tayari, ngoja Ouko afanye audit

Like they are still cleaning huduma number data those many months down the line.

Use your words, my friend and learn how to attach images if you are going to insult me properly, umekuwa huku tangu 2015?

sijakataa , the data collected will be more accurate but my argument is that , we won’t enjoy a very important benefit of digitising the census . I have handled millions of data sets and i think 90 days ni mingi sana…

How do you do a digital census you scumbag?

I didn’t say it would take 90 days but that’s the answer i’d give and of course you wouldn’t believe it because most people who ask questions like these want to convince themselves not to be counted, rather than be informed, but it’s good to know why they take that long.

confused villager = @spear

ghaseeeeeerrrr … i asked a question , answer it or take a walk !

i can attach photos my fren, look …


Some “Keyboard Ninjas” here don’t even know the meaning of a “digital census”, my bet is the same ninjas don’t even have a Huduma number, let me try to explain; the information you give to the census crew will be entered in a tablet like thing(like the one used for Huduma number) and uploaded to a central server somewhere in the cloud

It was supposed to biometric but kuna some nomads(luhya arabs, semi arabs etc) who inflated their numbers so as to have a huge fair of devolution funds they wailed the most mpaka biometric part ikatolewa chini ya maji as for the extended time line you know as much as i do
Y=mx+c kama hukusomea dirisha I umepata

You must be the chief idiot recruiter, how else would you know what it feels like to be an idiot.