I thought Kibaki was Frugal..

Lakini huyu ?


:D:D u would think his office would have communicated that before the meeting.

Hiyo si punishment. These guys make more money than you could dream. Haiwezi wacost kitu kulipia hao ma PA na Ruto anajua. Hii ni PR tupu

Vile inafaa, lakini hao no wakora watajua vile watazunguka hizo masharti.

The retreat is at Mt.Kenya Safari Club. More money to Humphrey Kariuki. Hao ndio real mafia behind the shadows.

he picked CSs who don’t share his austerity vision?

kariuki lasma alilipwa kitambo sana.

In the public service, the office of the president would foot the full board bill for the CS’s and PS’s and a few other very senior officials, consultants. Everyone else takes per diems from parent ministry and is often preferred as it gives you independence to choose where to stay and save. It can be quite lucrative for a tourist town like Nanyuki.

I like Ruto to be honest. Forward thinking muthafucka. Still a thug, but an inclusive thug.

Yes like the much touted austerity measures and salary cuts of the previous administration…I’m sure civil servants hopped to it right after this latest declaration :smiley:

You have now graduated with a first class honours in apreciating face value:meffi:
In the meantime, you have to be rudely awaken at 5am by the calls to join prayers at a recently constructed mosque in your gicagi, and as they were erecting the building you did honestly appreciate the efforts of “developing” your village…

I’m happy for myself. Worrying about every other idiot is a waste of my time.

you are a fool like @PHARMACY .

why should common sense be communicated to you ? wewe ukibeba bibi yako malaya uende umtombe kwa lodging una expect lodging ikulipie bills ?

You nailed it. Kenyans wana matabia mbaya sana…I’ll bet you a good number of them brought their lanyees sidekicks. Ruto RiggyG are expecting a disciplined force to a session like this. Plus bringing accountability on every dim spent.

Am a fool .and u ? HIV / poor and a dog. Kuna Kuna @poyoloko polepole [ATTACH=full]489566[/ATTACH]

Don’t fall for Nabii’s PR stunts.
If he was frugal that retreat could have been held somewhere around nairobi at a government facility, instead they went to a high end hotel in Nanyuki that belongs to one of his buddies

Where the cheapest room per night is 28k whereas state lodges were lying idle

Na kwani ulimruka

Ruto is a visionary leader. Time will prove him right

28k. Wueh!