I think we should take the blame

Nyeri county Gvn Governor Mutahi Kahiga " NO WIRA TU " There were jubilations dance and merry when Gvn 19 launched a " MODERN SOCIAL HALL" in Kieni constituency.

This " modern social hall" will serve and cater for all. It has met the international standards and the contractor in charge has already been recommended for other jobs…


Inakaa kama one of my chicken houses in Makueni…


I give up. Can’t talk this sh!t anymore. Over a hundred plus years ago


:D:D:D this is too much, was the governor pranking his ppl?

amewajengea hall ya kuwatch movie za Dj Afro… Promoting local talent at its best… even using the most locally available material to make the seats!!! PATHETIC

this is an insult

this testifies how Kenya is a joking nation in general.


Na tukisema waafrica hawana akili tunaambiwa tuna inferior complex.


Hubris at its comical level. Mwizi apite na hiyo mabati ajengee keja

And yet you find such useless people live to a ripe old age while a visionary like the late Dr. Wahome Gakuru had his life brutally cut short at his prime.
Fate is terribly unfair.

That’s the only word that fits this situation.

Hii iko level 300

Mutahi is an oaf; there has been no tangible effect of his leadership since he took over. Najua alishangaa kuangukia the big seat, but surely all he had to do was actualise the plans laid down by Gakuru.

Jubilee development

Fuck that bastard btw like someone said above i hope watu waibe hiyo mabati na wawashe moto na hizo kuni

How many millions did it cost? Platinum coated gauge 30 and hardwood (literally) don’t come cheap.

How much was the budget? 25 million shillings? :smiley:
Before I condemn the governor I need to be sure this is really his project because all the OP has done is post a pic next to a pic of the governor dancing.
There’s no picture of the governor inside the hall or even cutting the ribbon. The truth will come out. Eventually