I think this is what @Kenyatalk MGTOW group has been pushing

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii keep preaching


Usually if you hear the accusation of misogyny fall out of a person’s mouth, that person is typically a passive aggressive misandrist. They will deny that they are misandrists, but deep inside they are.

Biiiiig words mean nada. Its either you love women or you can’t stand them. You can’t have ya cake and eat it too…
Nature has no room for double faces…

Which was the big word? “Dislike women” is a big word? Anyway, you can stand many things that you don’t love, btw. The issue here is hate. Telling a singomatha who is insisting that you owe it to her to marry her, to go fak herself is not equal to hating women.

It’s true, you can entertain an idea without accepting it.

I am red pilled but as far from Kenyatalk MGTOW as can be; the truth is people lie.

You keep your head on a swivel and you keep hustling, that’s all folks

:D:D:D:D:D…the misconceptions are just hilarious

I completely disagre… oh! Sacarsm noted.

NGTOW ni uchungu

Tuko same whatsapp group… wise man…

Hawa mashoga hawajielewangwi wanataka nini, braree…