i think i've lost it...

kula dryfry .

maobi ni nini ?


You going soft literally and figuratively… I think you need Gaydog in your bed and something will definitely happen.

anza kuenda gym boss.

the closet is about to hatch!

do you wank once in a while?

Go ahead and marry, usiseme hukuambiwa utakamuliwa bibi. Na kama diet yako imekuwa fast foods all this time then wewe kwisha kapsa!


Marine ply perhaps. MDF and blockboard aren’t holding up well.

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thanks to anonymity.


It will be worse when you marry…utakuwa unameza mate wenzako wakiila!

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Tafuta nambari za simu za “Aviation Tv” and all will be okay!

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This nigga about to come out like


Ati? Hata kidole haikutoka ikinuka tuna fish?


Sex is a mental thingy, kama ulikua unafikiria lullaby ni sawa… Meffi

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Kula junk for the rest of the year then come back ujichoche na hiyo mental thingy. Young men are wasting themselves at an alarming rate.

naona tu ni ma TMK hapa 'ivi. everyone can only think gay this gay that

you useless nyang’aus have made my evening :):slight_smile:

wacha nitengeneze pesa… but nisifungwe room na hiyo juu pia nothing will happen :smiley:

Leta hekaya

Hapa hakuna hekaya, its obvious from the number of young men who open up to the troubles they are going through. Na sija taja mtu. There are as many past threads to attest to this.

ahahahahahahaha hehehe uuuui hahahahahahahahah uko sure?

A degree in hyenology aint your thing.
But on a serious note fucking each and every skirt holder you come across doesnt give you an edge in life.
Fuck what you like. leave the rest to the vultures.
Unless uko na shida.