I think I'm on to something

The only way to improve this country is to first cut down on government expenditure, allowances na perks za the political class zitolewe zote ata hizo motorcades ziko irrelevant if people wanted to assisinate these bastards wangefanya kwa rallies but Kenyans are peaceful.

Pili the tax on normal wananchi should be greatly reduced which will stimulate spending and investment.

Tatu introduce land policies to discourage holding large pieces of land and not utilizing them, kwa mfano if you have x size of land you must farm or lease out to groups who will cultivate.

Four get your oil from Sudan, refine it and sell it locally and regionaly. Also reduce the cost electricity by opening it up to other players.

Finally, welcome investors who manufacture items that are largely consumed and target to be a market leader in Africa, give those companies tax incentives but also give them civic duties like providing funds for local roads and institutions such as school.

If this happens all else will fall into place.

umejaribu but what would Miguna² say?

Haha, Nimeona kina Konyagi na psychophants wako na Pseudo accounts hapa hopefully watapata idea wapunguze scarcity mentality. Ruto pia apata picha ya bottom up economy sio kutaja tu.

No.1 should have been - Leaders with integrity and zero conflict of interest.

The rest - we have the guidelines and all the infrastructure. Implementation ndio zero due integrity and conflict of interest.


roundi hii economy isipo collapse lebanon style ntamini kenya is very resilient.

Shida ni leaders wa kutenda kazi. We only have Kibaki as an example lakini leader willing to work atatuskuma mbele.

Wananchi wana bidii lakini country inauzwa. Hata Konyagi alikuwa US lakini hajui vile credit humaliza watu.

io point umeandika “finally,” io ya kuwelcome investors…inaonyesha hujui chenye unasema. Nchi yafaa kuwa inaweza jitengezea zile vitu inahitaji, local owned factories using local sourced raw materials and local technology.

I think bottom up economics is Ndii’s brainchild not Ruto’s. “Ruto’s” is hustler.

He (Ruto) probably heard (I did no say listen) one of Ndii’s interviews ndio akaanza coz he announced partnering with the economics much later on after he had talked about wheelbarrows and bottom up…

Let’s just assume sijui for a minute, How do you think China came up in 1978!?

If we are to start now, do you know how to make micro chips? What about phones?.. You don’t have to invent the wheel, some people have a God given talent for that. It would be much easier to get someone already doing it well and replicate it here. If Felix Mandle didn’t make Bamburi cement then akina Simba, Savannah wouldn’t exist coz the Muhindis had capital but hired from Bamburi do expertise, UNGA holdings staff were poached to Isinya feeds etc.

Coming up with a patent or a new discovery is pretty hard but picking up tech from where umewachiwa is easy that’s why you wouldn’t buy those sausage carts from Laikipia.

I think that is asking for too much from the Raia and MPigs, maybe we fix the country first then automatically fix the next generation.


Government spending needs to increase to stimulate the economy.

Hustler narrative is Mutahi Ngunyi brainchild not Ruto’s. Ruto is smart… He quickly picks and adopts good ideas

Other than wheelbarrow economics, what smart idea has Ruto adopted?

simplistic thnking, I think you believe the economy runs like your local kibanda

Won’t work in a country where excessive govt. borrowing kills credit lines available to businesses (high interest rates).
Some countries like the US simply print their stimulus money using fancy names like quantitative easing. Ebu we try that and see shit hit the fan…

Hoarding large tracts of land…done by politicians esp you know who

Cut govt expnditure… means politician go hungry and no devpments to brag about

Reduce tax…that the source of income for dynasties and politicians

Encourage investors…cost of power is a problem

Unless we get a real saint for a president and he manages to tame dynasties we are going nowhere. Let us hope one day we will get a real one, who knows

Wataeza maliza kukata but by then Yesu atakuwa asharudi:D:D