I Think I Just Stumbled Onto an Ester Arunga- Type Cult

Their deity is called God Kenya for Some reason. More to come as I go down this rabbit hole


The woman sounds like our own truwoman kapondi

@Sokwe mtu Leta Summary

panguza meza na upige deki hapo njogu~ini bila usumbufu…
kihìì kïìhìu mùtwe

Achana na mbeiby wangu @TrumanCapote

Just watched an episode ya Equalizer series (thought it had elements of Denzel’s art) and there was a thug named Kenya, not relevant to the post but then again…

Cult zimejaa all over its not news

god Kenya ndio nani tena?

Blasphemy!! Unaandika God Kenya with a small “g”!!!

Niko Karibu kwenda retire, nilikushow tuanzishe cult, the money be rolling in.

Not relevant to the post but then again…

Come now, I never comment on US, foreign and of late much about Kenyan politics coz what do I care? Look for a single comment I have made on America or Afghanistan. Nada. I am in the land of milk and honey najisumbulia nin? When Rwanda was in genocide was anyone from US or Afghanistan concerned? Nope. Let’s mind our own business shall we? The photos of Taliban eating ice cream and riding cars is kinda cute though.