I think Afrika is Faked na hii story ya Climate Change

Africa we have ways blindly followed the policies developed by the West. Well, do we have a choice? The policies they advance will always take Africa in circles. Why? Africa we move slowly due to bureaucracy and resource challenges. By the time Africa is still in the introduction stage, the West is already in the maturity stage. Check clearly. Climate change is already benefiting the West more from an economic perspective. Africa we are importing all green products banae. But there is a more subtle underlying issue: Electronic waste (e-waste). By 2019, 53.6 million metric tons had been produced. This volume will only get higher as more “green” gadgets are produced. Some speculate that we might run of space to dumb the e-waste. Here is where Africa comes in. The West will now claim that green energy and production is in fact more polluting than fossils. Scientific papers will be written and talks given to de-scale green production. The problem is that Africa will not have benefited significantly from this “green” economy. By then Congos minerals will be depleted. The West will bring a better “economic model”. Africa we will have to drop the previous green model and embrace the “new one”. Once the West is done with the new one, another will be introduced. Africa we will always be in an economic seasaw.
Side note: I’m not blaming anyone
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Africa’s problem is having a continent with an average IQ of 70.
People who have such a low IQ will always have a victim mentality, (kama wewe), low self esteem and lack initiative to act what’s in their best interests.

Juzi we saw Europeans opposing Uganda TZ pipeline which would greatly enhance energy security in the region. You think China or Russia would give a fuck about what Europeans have to say about their projects ?

China is building coal plants and Europe is reactivating them but the latter doesn’t want them built here and plans have to be scraped because kama kawaida, low IQ people lazima wapangwe.

ukiambiwa “chimba coal tuzime arv” utawacha
juu unakumbuka 95% ya biochemistry scientist walitumia mwakenya

Africa’s main problem is having stupid and foolish people like you. Accusing others of being low IQ yet has never provided any substantial solution. Wewe ni umbwa na ghasia na takataka.

Mr. High IQ what are doing at your individual capacity to help your country. If you check clearly, the West has been imposssing neoliberal ideologies on Africa. What have you done to oppose or offer an alternative? Nothing. When enemies come, you keep quite. When people like me attempt to inform the public about the long term consequences, you oppose us. Shut up. I have always opposed the climate change agenda in all of its form.

Exactly he can’t construct an objective rebuttal. His argument is ever based on “IQ”.

@Sambamba have you ever created a single gadget to help Kenya reap from the ongoing green economy?

@Euler I love this guy called @Sambamba argument. It’s true Africa has a huge underclass which impedes decision making and therefore, most people resort to under-dogism and victimhood to make their pleas heard, albeit with tough conditions. Take for example China, their leaders saw that they couldn’t bare running to Western capital to borrow money every now and again, what did they do? They decided to industrialize and also built whatever Western cities had to offer in their country. Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou and other Tier 1 cities in China are equal to or surpass major Western cities. But your leaders want to go and fuck Latino whores in NYC and London and then borrow tonnes of expensive loans and then come back and continue looting your meager tax money. Do you think they care about climate change? Pray, do they even know what climate change is? If they don’t know, how would they develop a road map for it then? Such is the work of low IQ plaguing the continent

But you are also blaming your leaders! Another case of victimhood? You elect bad leaders then you complain that they can’t support industrialization.

The point I’m making is that we must be very cautious with these economic positions advanced by the West. We must customize, else we will be economic “pastoralists”, moving from “model” to another

Hapa kwa leaders I can support you.

Our leaders are a reflection of who we are. We had good leaders vying as independent or in less popular parties but what did we do, we chose kuchagua chama.

True. I told people I would vote for Mwaure. “Huyo hana watu”, I was told. Our leaders are corrupt but so I every Kenyan.

Everything starts and ends with IQ .

They are right in imposing culture and policies that are advantageous to them. It is our duty to tell them to go fuck themselves, just like China does.

It is not my job to expend my precious time and energy trying to sijui teach people because it is a pointless endeveour .Remember I said this is all about IQ and the average person’s understanding or ability to conceptualize how the world works is severely limited .

Ni kama kujaribu kufunza mtoto wa class one advanced calculus .Hawezi shika no matter how well intentioned you are .

Exactly, I’m a radical and a realist when it comes to geopolitics. This climate change campaign and any other Western ideologies must be challenged. Na tusiwahi patana ghaseer

What are green products? Halafu why blame Omusungu when we have the choice to reject dumping. Rwanda walikataa mtumba and they are still surviving despite the threats. Shida ya mwafrika is they hate hard work. We don’t want to build our own industries. Or if we do we sabotage them and end up relying on foreigners. You can’t be a begger n dictate terms.

High IQ detected

You voted those guys in.

Sawa. Pia wachana na loan zao pia. The Rwanda unasifu agreed to be a dumping site for illegal migrants from the UK. But I agree that we should ban dumping. Again, how will you achieve that when you are dependent on them?

Mugabe took the West by the balls. His country suffered. But in the long term I believe his bravely will pay off. I hate those Caucasian cunts.