I take back what i said about heterosexual anal

This gal I’ve been banging finally gave in to my incessant demand for anal. Problem is I was so excited and ingiad in there so fast thinking she could decide to change her mind. No sooner had I inserted my dong and started pumping than the CD came out with some greenness. Man, it was shit. My appetite for sex and food was lost instantly and so too was my respect for this bitch. For the next 17 weeks I’m respecting lent and staying celibate. No more heterosexual anal fucking. But if you must, the chic has to go for a thorough clean up of the bowel and fast for at least 6 hours.

Meanwhile we fuck heterosexually, just not the ass.

bingwa unasumbua

what did you expect??..ice cream??? its very obvious what will come out when you insert your dong in that doomed region.

A faggot by any other name remains a faggot.

Jinga sana, ukichokora sewage, jitayarishe kuinusa

A 20$ bill is a 20$ bill. Bomoa closet pole pole.

Ooh yes

shitty post…literally!

You grow spinach and expect to harvest vanilla?


Wewe toma sewerage sasa…fago!!


unaeza expect kupata soda ukiingia sewage?

Mnikumbushe niwaletee hekaya ile siku nilijaribu HKM

Are you even MERU bcz Njuri Nceke needs to disown you like yesterday. Disgrace to the community.

ushawai jaribu hii maneno???

I’m a coward.

Makena if you are female as your handle suggests I’d like to end my celibacy with you later in the year. You could even help me get over the bad experience I had by emptying your colon and fasting for 6 hours as recommended. Hope you are pleasing to the eye.

you empty your colon then look for @junkie and @Maathais they will happily sort you out. You’re a closet homosexual. And stop spoiling the lovely and conservative image of the Ameru community. Upuss.

Do we still have closet homos? I thought the world had changed and people are now openly gay. In most of the African society whereby homosexuality is not allowed, coming out as openly gay is the visa you need to be admitted into the West! Since I’m still closeted as you put it, then allow me to live my double life by hiding as heterosexual by fucking your pussy and/or ass if you meet the conditions.