I suspect deceased University of Nairobi lecturer Samuel Mbutu picked a malaya in town while drunk alafu akadrugiwa..RIP!


The body of a lecturer at the University of Nairobi who was missing was found at the City Mortuary.

Dr Samuel Mbutu Mararo, 37 was a political science lecturer at the UON. He was a father of two.

He was reported missing last Thursday, February 22, three days after he had failed to show up at home and his family put up a poster of him asking for information on his whereabouts.

“In case you come across him, please contact Kamkunji police station or the nearest police station or the brother…,” the poster reads in part.

Officials said his body was taken to City Mortuary on February 20 after being found on the streets of Nairobi.

The cause of the death, however, remains unknown.

His brother Joseph Kagirj said they identified the body on Tuesday morning.

He said they have since learned the body was picked up from the Bus Station area after being found lying on the roadside.
Kagiri said they suspect the lecturer was drugged and robbed of his valuables.

“They stole his laptop, mobile phone and cash. He had no physical injuries,” he said.

The body was taken to the mortuary on February 20 and marked as unidentified.

It took a week for the family to identify it.

The family say he was heading to his Kariobangi home when he was probably drugged and robbed. There is a likelihood he was also mugged.

The suspects used his MPesa account to withdraw an unknown amount of money.
Police said they had established the suspects made the transactions in Kayole.

Nairobi area police boss Adamson Bungei said no arrest has been made over the murder.

He, however, said a team is pursuing the matter. An autopsy was Tuesday planned to tell how he died.


Alienda kupick malaya na laptop in hand? Not sure if he entered SJ with a laptop. Or any bar.
Did he have a car?


Someone will innocently buy/ pick mwenda zake’s phone(s) and then be implicated in the murder. And a life will be destroyed just like that.


Thank God for this site. One day I had come across a good phone deal on Jiji which I felt was really low hanging. When I consulted here I was cautioned, maybe I would have ended as a statistic of that.


Why would a UoN lecturer live in Kariobangi??


you would be cooling your blue balls in kamiti right now. shukuru

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Ni kama hiyo janta hailipi poa. But also kuna watu huunda doh poa and still lay low


Maybe he had a medical issue and passed out in town and those who were around robbed him. After covid jabs things have changed. Young people collapsing and dying everywhere. RIP


The thieves we have around don’t usually kill people if you cooperate and give them what they want. And people who drug others usually do it in pubs. Maybe he had an underlying health issue or something else.


300k for a senior lec like him…side hustles pia around 200k esp kwa hio department ya political science…the likes of Adams Oloo, Wanyande and Nyinguro lazima wakurushie deals. As ternagers we were warned against getting addicted to places like Buru, Umo and kariobangi…kuhama hua ngumu cos they are cheap and locals hua poa sana…you also go about your stuff unnoticed


Lol. He is a 37 year old teaching at a public university. It’s mostly the wazees with tenure and consultancies and teaching jobs at private universities make a respectable income.

and pay is erratic

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But you adviced people to live in trailer parks so that they could save cash.


Lakini Kariobangi bana! Hata niliona Mulamwa pia alikua anaishi huko. There are better estates for people wth low income

Rip Doctor

Guy was quite accomplished at his age. Maybe he had not built wealth enough to live a lavish life, he was only 37 for heavens sake


Kariobangi south.




The most dangerous thing to do is be the “richest” guy in the ghetto. It makes you a target. Kutembea ovyo ovyo na laptop usiku Kariobangi is a very bad idea.

You can cheap out on other things lakini housing is one area where you shouldn’t stay below your league for security reasons. Robberies, break-ins, kidnappings, etc.


Ati alishuka On=tange Express pale country bus. Bibi ndio aliku amempea fare ya kutoka kisii the previous day. jamaa amekua lecturer since 2017.