I suspect CJ Koome will Rule for what Uhuru wants

Regarding BBI appeal Ruling kesho. no matter what the correct and just findings may be, she will come up with seriously deep legal kizungu mingi that ends up giveing Uhuru exactly what he wants

BBI will pass tomorrow Mdau.

The ruling is by 7 judges of supreme court, Koome has only one vote. That said BBI can’t resurrect,it’s dead that’s fact. 12 judges unanimously agreed it was not a popular imitative. It’s miracle to expect 7 judges to believe otherwise

75% of kenyans will not be happy if it is forced to pass .

I being one of them!

Civil disorders will set in. I will be part of the steering committee.

Ume sahau mwilu,njoki ndungu,ouko,wanjala are pro-uhuru. But wanaweza iangusha ndio UDAku fools waone judiciary is neutral. Halafu pale kwa presidential ruling mpigwe na RKO wapeee jakondee.

5 judges


Kabisaaa…jamaa alipotea


Sadly I suspect as much ,the idiots are ready to spend some other billions instead of cushioning farmers or spending on the ongoing drought !
With the current fertilizer prices alot of farmers have said fuck it !

wadau msikubali kechezwa kama kondoo

Yaani guys at the top are hell bent on forcing this BBI shit down our throats. Afadhali punda afe lakini mzigo ufike. Uhuru aende nyumbani akalale bana.

Pia wewe acha kizungu mingi, You are entitled to your own opinion.

If YOU are opposed to BBI, Say so. Simbo!!!

[SIZE=7]CJ Koome is mama yako!![/SIZE]