I support this lady. Men should not be on tiktok


Tik tok gives you what you look for, you want big ass girls you get them, you want nuclear physics you’ll get it . Her argument is null n void


Grannies like her should also not be on tiktok advising men not to be there


Huwa mnajidanganya mtajua kila kitu via some 30 second edited skits…Hizo illusions achia wanawake

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Kuna watu wameguzwa mahali

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What about men who advertise their services or businesses? Pia hao wajitoe? Hapa Kenya kuna a lot of business people wanafanya hio kwa tiktok na wanapata customers.


na kama hatutaki kujua kila kitu?

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The world wide web Haina limits. Wacha ni nyonge na diarrhea anal bila kusumbuana

This is another example of how to mind your gaddamn business. I know it’s hard considering the immense population of low IQ people, but I’ve seen most villagers here are okay upstairs unless it’s all the keyboard warriors here

Do you listen to skrillex?

Any time a woman tries to tell men how to behave, it is the duty of well-meaning men to go against her advice.

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