I Support the Hustlers, and I'm Proud of it.

Seeing the entitlement of the Kenyattas, they have the nerve to loot though budgetary allocation, year in year out. Seeing how Odinga’s minions’ sense of self-importance and impunity has ballooned since they got in power, there is only on thing left to do. Kick out all these fuckers whose hold on power stems from their fathers’ names and massive stashes of loot. Let’s support the hustlers, wacha pia wao waibe, otherwise these dynasties will enslave even our grand kids.

Kenyan peasants have a penchant for voting in thieves like minji minji, so let’s not delude ourselves that we can get a better crop of leaders. Voting for the hustlers will be the closest thing to a rebellion of the proletariat in Kenya.

The only logical reasoning you have portrayed there is kicking out Ouru and his kins for raping the country, otherwise the reason you’ve given for Odinga’s fanatics is purely based on emotional issues and as such uko pekee yako hapo. In short, you should just say, let’s elect in Ruto to punish Ouru for collaborating with the enemy, which as usual is pure nonsense

When the time comes to cast the votes, people will still vote along tribal lines, or to who their kingpins tells them to. A good percentage of the Kenyan voters are sheep.

I have voted for Odinga in the last two elections. Even before 2017, I predicted, in this platform, that Odinga will be in government whether he wins or not. Even before the handshake, I predicted, in this platform, that Odinga will get in bed with Uhuru. So it has nothing to do with Odinga. It has everything to do with Uhuru’s anti-hustler policies, and the Kenyattas’ looting through legislation.

Ngoja utaona, in fact, Ruto has a solid base even in Luo Nyanza. People are tired of Raila’s old and tired narrative, recurrent failures, and imposition of unpopular leaders on Luos. Unless he’s rigged out, which is almost inevitable, Ruto will win the 2022 vote.

Have you stopped to think that minji minji could also be just another political battle?

Kwani ni Waiguru pekee huonekana kwa hawa wezi wote?

Ruto himself stole billions za dam and nothing happened. Waiguru because she is a pretty woman is always portrayed as the Jezebel of mega-corruption.

And the people doing that know that she is ambitious so her wings are being clipped.

Look at the White House Mutua built in Machakos… there’s no noise about that. But somehow , somewhere they always pin something on Waiguru and they know it works.

One leg has an infection and has to be amputated. Instead buying a prosthetic to fit the amputated leg and taking precautions to prevent infection on the other one, you want to preemptively amputate it ndio zitoshane.
Kichwa ni bakuli ya kubeba meno.

Odinga really surprises me. Yaani the guy offers nothing apart from standing on a platform na kusema “Hayaaaaa” and gibberish. We need to do a study on that guy. Has never had the heart ya kuaddress the real problems ya his kinsmen; Malaria, HIV, poverty. Lakini anapendwa kama fùcken

If haaaya is all you have ever picked from him then you are the one who requires case study more urgently

But the guy is not in govt!

He was last in govt in 2012!

Ruto is very much in govt. and has his own share of ministers… wacha kubebwa wana na hawa politicians.

Homo_patco meza dawa aisee

Read and comprehend the post. It’s not about waiguru, I just used her to make a point that Kenyans can’t be relied on to vote in decent leaders. Are you that thick?


To use your analogy, all legs are dripping with pus. No one can claim to be clean; Odinga is as corrupt as any politician in Kenya. Ruto is as terrible as any politician in Kenya. But by keeping these ‘blue blood’ politicos in power, we’re creating all-powerful overlords that will in time obliterate upstarts like Ruto, who pose a threat to them and then lord over us for ever. Quit being a moron, my friend.

@Young Sponsor don’t think that Ruto is change that Kenya needs. Here is why. Ruto is on record castigating Waiguru for the stolen NYS billions using the famous “kizungu mingi na catwalk” line…Same Ruto is on record saying that Raila is jealous of Waiguru when he (Raila) said that NYS billions were stolen …In the famous words of Erik Killmoinger in BlackPanther “Is this your King”? Raila is not any better, one moment he is onto Waiguru about the NYS billions the next he is dancing to reggae tunes on stage with her. No enemies in politics, just common interests.

Even the alternatives to the current PORK arent worth it. Like ive always said this countrys on its knees. The situation is so dire that if it doesnt make you angry…you can not bring any meaningful change. So far kwa maoni yangu, najua kuna wale watani crucify the person with more than enough fire in his belly ku attempt at changing this country for the better is exiled in Canada. Hawa wote wengine sioni watafanya nini isipokuwa ku tu sink in more debt for their pockets sake. 2022 im not wasting time going to a polling station unless kuna mtu ana share the same anger i have. 2022 sioni any faction ikichapa the 50% plus 1 to go thru round 1. Then msee fulani alianguka gubernatorial race but akapewa ka ‘soft landing’ alituita the so called biz community aka dai tuji brace for referendum. Ati right now anachezea chini but after wamejipima nguvu na referendum halafu alignments zifanyike ndio atakuja kutuambia tupigie chama gani. Halafu this time hakutoboka analia lia doh iko tight alinunua tu crate kadha za soda na akajitoa.

Except most of us in Cendro. We want Uhuru out in 2022 peacefully and he should not even tell us who to vote for. Whoever he now throws his weight behind is in deep shizzle.

My gripe with him is not even the handcheck, after all they are all eating with big spoons. My problem is that he has blocked other potential leaders from the Western nation from coming forward. They cannot dare. And this what Uhuru is looking to do by kukatalia kwa kiti. Owning the Cendro voter. Wamen’gathia kabsaa.

I too believe Mig Mig should be allowed in. One other thing… if you say you are not going to vote then don’t complain afterwards.