I Support Dialogue Between Jubilee & NASA

A foreigner looking into Kenyan affairs would be shocked to know that there are no people in Kenya who are discriminated. I remember years ago talking to someone who is in one of the security related departments, and he told me that they have a kind of quota system so that every Kenyan has equal chance of being promoted. And he was not from Mt Kenya or the Rift.

If a community is 1% of Kenya’s population, then it deserves 1% of the public jobs. And a community that is 20% of the population deserves 20% of public jobs. Busybodies claim this is discrimination.

Some ‘civil society’ types and nasa are talking about ‘INCLUSION’. Already, there is INCLUSION in public service, police, military etc. Some also claim that having a prime minister will solve Kenya’s political problems. But since Jubilee has majority of MPs, Uhuru would be the PM, and Ruto would be his deputy. What difference does it make?

Kenya already has county governments funded by the state to take care of inclusion. What other inclusion can we have? Ok, I get it. Politicians who lost in the elections feel excluded. So they want all Kenyan politicians, whether in nasa or jubilee to be in government.

Some people have said that there should be dialogue between Jubilee and nasa. I support this 100%. But the dialogue should be about whether Kenya will continue to be a multiparty democracy, or we revert to single party system, where every Kenyan must belong to Jubilee in order to compete in any election. That will ensure 100% inclusion.

I hope nasa will agree that Kenya should hold a referendum where the question will be:

Do you want Kenya to become a single party state where everyone will need to belong to Jubilee party in order to be elected to any political position? Yes, or No.

We don’t negotiate with terrorists and militiamen

i agree on with you on this.
kenya is a democracy, in which elective positions are won through the ballot.
Creating a position for Raila or having dialogue with his party would be setting a wrong precedence. what is the use of the elections then?

Kama hukuamka 26th kupiga kura usianze upuss ya dialogue hapa .Accept and move on .

Interesting to see the crooked media, crooked civil society cry out for this “inclusion” to accommodate not opposition supporters but RAT and his other reTired opposition leaders. If Jubilee had lost, would they have said the same. They didn’t cry out in 2002 for Kanu to be included. I don’t see democrats crying to trump for inclusion.

Hii maneno President Uhuru finished this weekend. The only talks he wants is how better to spread development to all people. Political talks should take place in 2022 with DP Uncle Ruto as Jubilee Presidential candidate.

You started well then degenerated into nonsense

No dialogue!!! And no Dialing. Kwani musikii

Who wants dialogue?

UK ataje cabinet asap

This is now cultism, not politics. Politicians come and go. Kenya will be same. And there is always next time. US is a perfect example. Bush ‘won’ against Al Gore, but the guy accepted and moved on. Here we have a guy who still contested with LDP in 1997, ODM in 2008, CORD in 2012, NASA in 2017. All this time, McCain, Mitt Romney, Clinton all vied, lost, moved on and gave chance to other leaders.

si waliRESIST… waende wakikauka. by the way RWNNNNBP Ever

These people do not want democracy.
What is the point of elections if the losers end up winning?

Dialogue is only meant to give RAT some position in govt. Hii Ingine yote ni sugar coat. I think he was happy on the composition of public service when he was the PM. No?
Huyu mzee aende Bondo atulie.

It seems you don’t understand sarcasm. Talkers like spear, yunomi, kwido etc have understood my post.

I will quote an Eldoret resident on ktn news “mambo ya dialogue kati ya uhuru na raila hatutaki.raila anafaa aongee na ruto vile atampatia support 2022 apate kura za nyanza”.

This guy Raila has dragged Kenya’s progress by some years behind since 2007.

Hio ya single party state jipigie hio kura na uimplement kwako.

Babuon ALILIPIWA Deni ya wanjigi na [SIZE=6]UHURURUTO[/SIZE] ndio maana amekimya.

Clinton won the popular vote by 3M people demonstrated peacefully and she took her place humbly at the museum of losers. Using Njoki Ndung’u’s premise, it means anyone who wants personal inclusion would only start chaos. Basi hata Matakwei shoukd have been included or jaramuogi and Ochuka in 1982

Sorry. The sarcasm passed me nywee kabisa.