I support Baba Abby

My friend, those with neither of those attributes ni fire ikifika where it matters. Ask around.

could be true but for a politician you need to score big everywhere, get a pretty thing like our frien Alfred Mutua, or a brainy one who can help you orchestrate an NYS like scam. sio mtu wa kuitisha 180K even after being associated with VPs name. Look at Mary Wambui, she found a way to cling on and use Mwai’s name gainfully, why coulnt this lady do the same?answer is simple. I have come across a number of ladies in either private or public sector who are very powerful simply because they slept with some senior politician. You are very lucky if you haven’t come across such.

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Mwanamke mwerevu na msupuu sana anasumbua msee. And each time you get in between you will have to pay dearly if she knows you have money. I think you have naive view of women. There is some guy here who said that you should not conflate beauty and anything else about character.
And in reality, women are not worth much more than their pussy. So if you arent getting it good, its a bad deal.

why would I work so hard, get wealthy and powerful and still compete with peasants for a woman. Am nowhere near VP in terms of wealth or power but I try and operate from the top of the food chain when it comes to beauty and brains. But then again that’s me, people are different.

Men are not whores (Klister fulani, mwaka fulani) :D:D:D

Wacheni maneno ya ooh ah …FISI ni yule yule …hata akuwe President ni FISI …but i have serious respect of Baba Abby for accepting the child and doing all that is necessary to support. Most of those slouths hating on Baba Abby cannot even ascertain who their real biological father is. So lets use this as a good example so that we can emulate and own all the kids we see that are fatherless.