I support Baba Abby

Any man who condemns Baba Abby for banging a mwoman is a feminist or gay or pussy whipped.
We are animals and the only role a male animal has is to impregnate female animals.
That is out biological role.
Children are the result and every new human life is precious.
How else are humans supposed to continue breeding on earth ?
If you think I am lying, ask Abby if she would have preferred not to be born because her mum was a ho.


You are missing the point completely.

If the mum is a whore then the dad is a whore too right?

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Is Toto well catered for?

I lived in Eldoret in 2006. That is when I was told about the pregnancy of this lady by Ruto. The person who told me used to work at Uasin Gishu high school where this lady used to work then. This lady used to get 10k every week from Ruto or whenever Ruto was in eldoret. According to my informer that time, she used to brag a lot. She used to buy things in supermarkets without looking at price tags. She used to give her friend 1k whenever she got the 10k. She enjoyed her whoring

Why are powerful men attracted to nondescript women? Easy pucci or lack of confidence?


Watu wafanye majukumu yao. Mafisi yao malaya yao period wamama nao msibaki kazeni leso

Naaaah…most rational powerful men get attracted to attractive women, whether brainy or not is usually irrelevant but baba Abby went for a lady with neither of those attributes. Best he could have done was to silence her by continuing with those 10k handouts.

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So many threads on the same issue. Si ungechangia huko tu.


Saa ngapi anaendesha jobs zake, saa ngapi anatafuta coomer?
Decision fatigue is a real thing.
Ndio maana akina bill gates na zukabagger wear the same clothes day in day out

The only prob in this case is Ruto stopped catering for Abby in 2013. He has been AWOL since.

the demands of higher office

Mpesa is 3 clicks per month in this situation. He can tell his secretary to do it for him.

powerful people dont buy things for more than they are worth. Its a general rule of nature for anyone who want success.
Most of the so called beautiful women are overpriced overdecorated hoes who are more pain than pleasure.


You may be right but some cases like that of Mutula Kilonzo are beyond explanation.

Si ungecomment kwa hizo…

Simple. Mutula probably died from Viagra. Many people have come and gone at the same time from this pill.

Acha kuduplicate threads.

am talking about the girl he had a child with

Oic. What was unusual in this case?

With a beautiful lady, she will have demands. You will have to win Her over.

With these ladies, by talking to them they have self actualized. When your cum swims between their legs. They will be out of this world.

Lastly, such ladies have the sweetest, tightest cunts with the least mileage. Hata ukichapa na uamke uende bila kutoa kitu bado ako sawa.

Who would go for such.

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