Just when this covid 19 started I was moving to Mombasa from TZ as I wanted to be closer to home and see the opportunities in coast, so I posted on a Mombasa selling and buying Facebook page, looking for a 1-2 bedroom house in Nyali with a budget of 35-50K, gave it a few hours and when I opened FB my inbox was full of offers from brokers and con men but what caught my eye was 9 new friend requests, as usual I went through each profile one by one… guess what, they were all married women. One specifically caught my eye but she was offering me a airbnb kinda setup as I look for a place when I get there.
So when I got there she got me one of her rental bedsitters thats fully furnished, a business that she runs that her hubby knows nothing about. To her hubby shes the stay at home loyal and obedient wife. Next day I noticed shes at least a few months paged… but damn she was hot…like a 9/10. To cut it short, I made peace with Karma as am not intending to marry. Man, there is a way pregnant pussey feels that I still cant get to wrap my head around, and the way she fucks me with that bump! still baffles me, very sexy and flexible.
So when I asked her why she does that she told me that her husband once told her shes too beautiful and dumb and there is nothing anamsaidida nayo except looking beautiful and sex, then she found out hes banging some 21 year old intern. Now she has been stealing hapa pale from the hubby and buying house appliances/furniture and renting out airbnb’s. So far she has 3 bedsitters in nice neighborhoods and they are properly furnished.

Shes projecting to be treated worse when she becomes a mother as according to the conversations with her hubby she will have no where to go. Now shes investing on the side and then it hit me…how many of her mzungu clients do you think shes fucked??? I got a house and moved, shes been calling feeling all attached but I said my girlfriend has moved in from Nairobi… but shes like when one of her places get vacant she wants some dick… I am not stupid, I know I wanna be used to add a few units to her business… yetu iliisha hivyo, I now live in Karura forest…if you understand.

This is quite accurate about the large volume of Fb shiny eyes.

Oh nice, I will apply this technique, but mine will be full furnished 50k-100k kilimani and lavingtion areas. I might get lucky to get such juicy deals

Strange where folks see opportunities.

What the fuck Yoda. A Jedi Master like you should be above screwing pregnant, married thots

I know, but she was worth the screw [ATTACH]293213[/ATTACH][ATTACH]293214[/ATTACH][ATTACH]293215[/ATTACH] This is her bila ball

inbox her airbnb place please


Kitu swafiiiii

The second photo is anerlisa mungai

Prove it.

Jibambe kabisa.


Wapi kijana ni serial wanker ame download picture za watu anaweka hekaya hapa… unless alikula annerlisa kijana anaota:D:D:D:D

You are a good orator but the pictures betray you.A part of the story that wasn’t essential but ruined it all.You had me good.

Common K-Talk hekayas…:D:D:D:D From now I will never take any of them seriously…Nothing but Idle Creative Minds… :D:D:D


Eh… I just took pics of her FB, didnt know that was anerlisa but f you look at the other pic you can see the difference, I can send more pics u compare to the last pic halafu mseme, am not stupid… I always know this village people reverse search images, if you can do that to the last pic where shes holding the phone then utapata fb profile yake, but guess what…no matter how much you loook over the web, hio hutapata.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dwajamaaa walikua wameingia box wote. You would expect a guy like Uwes to flash out Annerlisa but mjinga ako za swafi. I knew that photo seemed awfully familiar

Hatutaki hekaya mob just send over her photos tufanye verifekeshen

Ongeza photos credibility isiungue