I stand with Baba

Extremely long post alert!
Yes…we have to talk…and talk I will, specifically to my heart to my home kin.
I hail from Kirinyaga central province.
Ever since I came of age to be involved politically, I was initiated to this “cult” cult of hatred, deep intrenched hatred for one Raila Amollo Odinga. The initial rites were conducted by my elders in the community at first…then when I thought I was done, alas guess who took the ‘afternoon’? The church, yes! Raila’s or should I say Odinga’s name was like some sort of an abomination. I know only a few will be bold enough from my home county to confirm the same. I still remember once us (church brethren) being asked to pray away that evil man (mganga) from the ‘Ruguru’. That was while back on my first voting stint. Sadly however, recently I visited home and the church still holds the same sentiments
What did this man ever do to “my people” to attract such hatred and despise?.. Who, (my country people) did ever encounter this man practicing witchcraft??
What revelation did my home church ever get to brand him a witchdoctor??
On voting in Kibaki 2nd term and then UhuruRuto, I know most would remember young men carrying old men to vote, in the public domain it was registered as love and believe in leadership of the duo…but alas truth be far from that!!..The tenacity to vote was fueled by the local whispers of scary voices of " if you won’t come out to vote, the government will be taken over by the 'kimundu kia Ruguru" And that’s how the thurakus came out.
We cared less if UhuruRuto would deliver or not! Our agenda was singular!..“lock out the kimundu Kiguruki”. Do we even have the moral authority of demanding achievement from UhuruRuto govt as the mountain people while as we voted a different agenda.
I know most have been lied to that Uhuru picked Raila to protect his family interests shock on you! a hundred governments from now and their wealth will still be protected.
In my heart I’m convinced he’d have wanted to redeem the injustices done to the Odinga the name.
The same thing I purpose to do… for the 3 times I locked out Raila Amollo Odinga due to the false witness account in contravention of the 9th commandment, before God Almighty, I repent.
For someone who’s fought for liberation of human rights and democracy of this country, I am convinced leadership attributes can’t come more closer. And on this basis I voted for Baba during 2022 G.E. and should God grant him another chance I will still cast my vote to his favor!
Even if he ends up in opposition I will be in the opposition with him!
My solemn pledge and my guilt is vindicated!!
God bless Kenya

Sijasoma but I know next step is acceptance! Uko sawa.