I stand with Atty Buyer Beware

I am a member of Buyer Beware since it’s inception and I laud Atty and Njeru for the good job that they do. First let me make an exception that I don’t support the case of the lady whose daughter was molested by her exe boyfriend. It was very tragic. Though the late lady should also take some responsibility for what happened. How many cases have we heard of men who molest step daughters or even biological? As a mother you should keep especially girl children from being alone with any man at any given time. This madam was already a single mother of two and had dropped out of med school but it still hadn’t dawned on her how men are capable of ruining a woman’s life. In of taking her kids to her mom and going back to school for the future of her kids, she was taking men to her house where her daughter got molested. And it was a culmination of all these poor decisions that led to her tragic end. Anyway women are like that. They are fools when it comes to men and they are desperate for marriage. A woman with 2 kids abandoned by the dad to her kids, out of school, is still thinking about how to bag a man and get married instead of thinking about her future and the future of her children. I always say, if you feel like you can not live with out men, instead of getting pregnant for them when they have you not married you. Or getting pregnant for a man you can not get even child support from. Or even changing your religion who will never do the same thing for you to bag a precious man who can die even in the honeymoon. Or taking loans or helping a broke man so that update bwana, only for him to dump your desperate ass 3 kids later. Enda kwa mchawi akupatie Kambote at least you get a wealthy man hata kama ni kukuwa Bibi wa kumi. Afterall it’s obvious when it comes to men you have no morals, you will risk your kids, your future, your money, even your eternal destiny by marrying a non believer.

Buyer Beware imesaidia watu wengi to recover their money from con men and women. As a person who has lost alot of money in a pyramid scheme and heard that several people committed suicide after losing their money, I don’t feel sorry for anyone conning others. I don’t. At all. Mwizi ni mwizi. And Buyer Beware is a type of Hessy or mob justice for people who steal.

I laud Njeru and Atty for the good job that they do. God bless them for helping Kenyans recover their stolen money. The people here criticizing Atty are in fact the real cyber bullies like another desperado here who imported a broke husband , who was said that I am like her aunt who has bipolar, not knowing bipolar is genetic so her are therefore predisposed to it. Nobody in my extended family has any such so do that math.

Keep doing God’s work of exposing cons in Kenya Atty and Njeru. God bless.

Meffi. Please know the context behind which people are coming for Atty. She’s exposing defaulters online whilst running a debt collection company on the side. If you can’t see a conflict there endelea kuandika paragraphs kubwa kubwa. Atty ako biz. BB is the muscle to intimidate her unfortunate victims to forking out hush money.

Stay woke

Naomba nikutoe cowbebs

Are you serious? Do you have any idea how cunning and manipulative molesters are? How much power and influence they have over kids. Kids have been molested by relatives in the house with their parents in the next room, too scared( by being threatened) to report to their parents.


On the lady part,I agree fully
She was and seemed very stupid

Why should you report your boyfriend using a pseudo to a facebook page?

If your identity is smoked out,the kid will be exposed

She is dead yes but that was very stupid of her

But the main reason for defending atty is because she’s a woman…nothing more
So usitudanganye hapa

And where can i get this story? seems i missed out.

Etty na hiyo buyer beware ni meffi, bullying people hadi wanajiuwa. Hope you saw that you tube video. Was so happy police wakimvamia kwake. Ghaseer yeye!

Buyer Beware is clearly making a kill from corprates and from individuals who require the debts to be paid… the only problem is the. Admins try to act like they are there to serve them members … But it’s actually the army of the members who make things happen in the end of the day… the other day when Atty and her husband were I. Police custody, I was shocked to see the other admin telling members to changa for her cash bail… no one knows how much was raised or what will be done with the Ballance. Clearly she was exposed for doing work for co-operative bank or smth and kupiga bafu her co admin… but she justifies kupiga bafu huyo co admin, bcuz she owed her some mulla…but that whole incident clearly showed conflict of interest from the groups admin… plus… she is watering down that group with her constant bullshiet posts on sex, cheating … Bla bla bla, imukuwa Kama kilimani mum’s.

She has nothing to extort if you did nothing. So you are not an unfortunate victim. You are just a thief who met your match.

Exe boyfriend. And did she expose the child molesters real identity? If so kudos. Put him on blast so others can keep their kids safe. If not what was the point of going to buyer beware she should have put his photo, full names, ID, his parents full name, everything. Expose the beast. But if she was reluctant to expose him no wonder Atty thought she was lying.

The dead woman is also a woman. I am not defending her. Attys group does something not even cops can do. If systems work pple would not resort to this.

And I really pray that you are not here defending a monkey who defiled a 3 year old girl. The woman even slept with a police officer assigned to her case to get justice only for him to refuse to help her.

You men are all the same, be it that child molester, that police officer or you. You are all evil beasts who will stick together to defend the most heinous atrocities. You don’t give a rat’s ass about that poor child who is now orphaned after being defiled. All you care about is about that monster who caused all this. Kwanzaa the condescending tone you use when you say her boyfriend, it doesn’t matter if it was her father, you imbecile, HE RAPED HER 4 YO DAUGHTER. Can you get that through your thick misogynistic skull? The demon raped a child below the age of 5. If you want to insult someone don’t insult a dead woman, insult the monster who did this to a child. No unkind words for him bcz yall share a penis and will stick together.

I don’t what you read or understood

My main concern is what measures had the woman taken to protect the girl from public scrutiny should her identity be exposed

Coz once u expose the mother,automatically the kids identity is known

Meffi post

Easy to say until you find yourself on find other side of your blind condemnation. Anyone can be blackmailed and that doesn’t mean they are criminals.
Hiyo kichwa usitumie kama kofia ya shingo.

If you are clean flies won’t be milling around you. Wewe huna hata hio kichwa kofia if your dumb ass can’t figure that out.

not rolling in the mud with you pig

Pig ni mamako.

There are very few rules on this forum. You have earned yourself my attention you ignorant MF.