I spent xmas fishing


Kikuyus are doing it for fun
Luos are doing it for survival .
Two different worlds

Luo’s don;'t do fishing, many Okuyus have been hired to fish in L.Victoria, and even now if you go to L.Turkana, you will notice many Okuyus are the fishermen and fish mongers there. Ata uende Mombasa, many okuyus are there fishing. So fishing is no longer culturally based. We all know there are many more fish ponds in central than in Nyanza. we all know there are many fish ponds in the Western province than in nyaza. And we all know that were have more fish ponds in Rift valley than Nyanza. Luo’s no longer fish. All Luo’s do is drink expensive drinks and fuck juicy pussies. Luo’s lost their culture. Siku izi hao ndo wanakula waru

Mzito you are too graphic

Fly fishing is a nice leisure activity especially during the holidays.


Is that you …are you @Bottoms ? He once posted a picture of some strange fish he was fishing in north america

osungu.dll and geography help us out, tulikua tumefukuzwa juu ya lack of fees. Hi alpine lakes iko Kenya pande wa?

@Jaweed is it possible to hold a live fish, ivo bwana? Na hio samak si ni ya pond, why does the water look bracken (ahem…) kwani hawa watu wanashika samak kwa pond alafu wanasema ni alpine lakes :D:D:D

Hiyo samak naitwa trout and occurs in high altitude rivers and lakes. The water is crystal clear. And yes we have alpine lakes in kenya.

Is it legal huku vumbistan considering “protected water,flora and fauna”…[SIZE=1]read “tutakula ngapi kwa hii maneno”?[/SIZE]

Pewa kamoja,unakulaga ragati rainbow trout nikidhani. Fried or bbq’d:D

Trout tastes funny… its just flat like salmon. Try butterfly fish… its good

Where did my friend @Bottoms go?

unanipima?how do you eat these? Its like Xi Jingping eating a bladi chihuahua,edible but wrong in so many levels

wachana na hii yellow, there is one that is grey and smaller. Ill go take a picture nikuonyeshe . By the way do people eat these yellow fish? they kinda look like they are poisonous

You know Ragati river?

You learn something new before the year ends. Alpine lakes occur at altitudes of 10,000m above sea level, so you basically have to climb Mt Kenya to get to one.
Ragati River is stocked with trout meaning someone put them there and manages? the lake. Ni wale western parasites sio…

@johnpombe asante sana. Naona uhuru amefanya kazi bana kama unaweza shika trout apo kwa mountain top

Not exactly but the trout comes with info about ragati

All Luos are highly learned and they don’t depend on fishing for survival.