I So Miss the unsupervised "VIP" and all the....well

New Terms I learnt last year

  1. S.J: This is a reputable establishment in the city where male listers frequent to sample fleshy offerings for a fee.

  2. Coomer/Cuumer: a reproductive part of a hired female subject who engages in the commercial business of pleasuring male listers for a fee eg from Example 1 above

  3. Wa kulala: this term refers to a situation where a lister hires a Coomer (refer to 2 above) from eg S.J (refer to 1 above) to Dry Fry repeatedly (refer to 4 below) at their places of residence

  4. Dry Fry: a popular activity engaged by male listers which involves engaging in unprotected carnal knowledge with high risk Coomers and Wa kulalas from S.J (refer to 1,2,3 above )

  5. Shoti: this term refers to the number of times a male lister is able to Dry Fry ( refer to 4 above) a Wa Kulala (refer to 3 above) from late at night to the wee hours of the morning before daybreak.

  6. Kumwaga: This is the end product I.e climax of a dry frying episode. Most listers claim that they immediately embark on another “shoti”

7.Hekaya: This term is used to describe a lister who has claimed to have successfully embarked and completed Terms 1,2,3,4,5,6 described above ( not necessarily in that particular order) but lacks photographic evidence of the same.

  1. Cantivelier: this is an unrelated civil engineering term

You must miss @Kiko too for the intense lessons last year.

Hehe grace …I always visualize you as the real Grace msalame… picture urself reading tht list .mmmh

Why are you so interested in whoredom…nyinyi ni wale curios women who ask to be taken to strip clubs by their husbands.

Hehehehe. Now, tell us, which mysterious organ is this that appears on her person once she decides to have sex for money? And to non-prostitue women have coomers?

cantilever please. na ujue kuni pia ni cantilever

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Kiko and his escapades definitely yeye sio a herbivore man

Are you Puerto Rican or something.

The real Grace Msalame is such a goody two shoes…hawezani na hui kijiji

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Hivyo ndio village engineer alisema inaandikwo

Sioni shida hapo

Hee, @msalame grace how can I meet you, hapo umejaribu kuwaelimisha

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I have actually seen her, kuna blunder alimake in klist and I simply followed tge bread crumbs. Though her secret is safe with me. :slight_smile:

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i have her email address too

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I have her home address too…

I’m doing well @stunner .I’m just a hardworking citizen;)

Umesahau kuku na kifaranga

This is bloody brilliant. Intelligently witty