I smell a rat

There is something fishy about this story … :D:D



@Nameberry1 what’s your hopinion?

these young boys are always trying us but you know what? we don’t respond and brag in forums because we know THEY ARE TOO YOUNG.
We say ‘you could be my son and go our way’
ps. Will watch video later nikiamka

She is already horny , she is relishing to grab that 20year old and suck the life out of him by sharing her aging juices

Post wall, tobwa na huyo kijana, wanaume rika yako have no time for you, they are busy searching for prewall girls, 18 - 21 years.

Sasa uyu mnyanye nywele imeshaanza kupotea bado ana ringia the only dick available for now…coz riika yake definitely hawana time na yeye

Truth be told …

We used to have one in our estate who sampled nearly all the husbands , Single men and Juveniles…

Things got so bad that a delegation of mothers in our court went to visit her and caution her on her behavior…

The husband finally found out and they moved away …

Daktari Rexx, were you among the participants? :D:D


:D:D ulikuwa mpenzi mtazamaji akionjesha the selected participants