I simped now I'm regretting


This New colleague is my type.I convinced her for a drinkdate ikakua poa Sana,kissing n all that after.Next day she’s like I can’t give you More than what you want.Niko choka.
eti let’s just be friends.
Didn’t know I can suffer from onaitis, Sasa she’s the only gal I’m thinking about,the fuck.

It’s a stage in a man’s life, pitia pole pole tu. It should last atleast six months. Once you grow out of it, relationship will never feel the same. Enjoy kwa sasa.

Acha ujinga, just snub her don call, text or even whatsapp. Tuletee matokea after 2 weeks

At my age I can’t be feeling like this!

Find out who is her best friend. Piga mistari. Kula slices. Her jealousy will make her bring her pucci bila struggle

ime bidii I delete that number lest I’m drunk n blowing her phone up with nonsense

Buda sahi naitisha date napigwa ma No:D:D
Women can be crazy I think.

Hehe …Age?
It you are between 24 and 27 ni sawa. I assume you began dating less than three years ago after getting a job.


You are past the simping phase…You need to be redpill aware otherwise, you will learn the nature of women the hard way. Makosa!!

Peleka yeye Kwa kichaka na ukule bila CD

Kulamba matako za wamama imefanya sasa unafikiria kama meffi…ghaseer.

Hehehe ukikakaa najua hiyo number utarudisha tu na utajipata you’re texting her again :smiley:

“Let’s just be friends”

Translation: Continue giving me girlfriend benefits without getting any sex.

Men and women can’t be “just friends” and if they are, the man is an idiot because women are 24/7 liabilities.

Remember that women are professional users. If they can find a fool that they can exploit by dangling the carrot, that’s exactly what they will do.

There are only three occasions when you can be friends with a woman:

  • She is a relative
  • She makes you money (customer or boss)
  • She sucks your dick

If a woman doesn’t fit in any of those three categories, and you are “just friends”, you are a moron.

I’ll just be saying hi, nothing much lakini hio haga najua ita no tesa.
Then she was like I know you just want to have sex with me,eti kiss me!!hell yeah

Alpha Mail AMG nimefika mapema. MGTOW=FREEDOM. Wewe enndelea tuu kusumbuliwa na harufu ya koomer

Wait. How old are you??

Usijali buda uko sawa, continue simping and bring us more hekayas. I’m still curious just how far these wiminz can go in exploiting us:D:D:D


Boss atakula hiyo mali na utasikia kulia