I Should`nt be Here ; The Closest i ever came to Dying.

i held my breath there for a minute wondering how much the owner of the building and everybody else who lost something sued you for.

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@Ka-Buda which city were you staying in at that time?


I woke up around 1pm ,some of my stuff missing,dvd,laptop,camera,around 4k,shoes,bag,etc.I had a very weired taste in my mouth,drank a lot of water ,puked for nearly 30 minutes ,thats was my near death,all I remember is opening my door with a hot chick from bettiz in tow.


After the end of my third year exams I decided to go and release stress by drinking chang’aa at wambuis den in muchatha,juja. Whatever happened can’t recall much but I was woken up by vehicles passing somewhere above me. I managed to stagger all the way back to my hostel stinking of raw sewage and cham. Woke up after two days in the clinic with a drip attached to my arm. Luckily those days being atwolid was unheard of otherwise I would be singing a different song.


Closest to death? Where do I start?
Been in two bus accidents where I survived with negligible scratches,nishawahi ngonga trailer hapo Cabannas at high speed,nishawahi gonga truck hapo Thika road opp De la Rue,been in an accident hapo Nyayo,Nissan ilitoboka taya na wheel ikatoka…enaf of accidents
I once found myself admitted at Pandya Msa after being comatose after a drinking binge. N on waking up claimed some nurse stole my 10K. Hii ni after kuwa unconscious for a day or so…na bado sijawaambia zile,nikiwa kihii,za kudunda kutoka juu ya mti ukichuna maembe ama ‘afokado’ kwa mashamba ya wenyewe. Unaanguka on ya ass,tailbone feels like its shattered into a million pieces n you still manage to collect matunda. Fainting tulikuwa tinaifanyia mbele mbele…
I have had many close encounters with near death experiences. I guess am lucky to be alive. But I did stop taking risks


you owe us a story bro!

Can we conclude ur driving is questionable ???

@kiLo- kwani what do you do…hio experience yako ni kama video game?

Yep,not lik Karlmax’s complicated lingo.

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I lik ua avator.

Kwani what are you, a stuntman?

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[QUOTE="Mathice, post: 94943, member: 221"lking while drunk, falling asleep, getting woken up by neighbours after they detect something burning inside my house, waking up to find the room full of smoke, rushing out and neighbours rushing in to put out the fire. In summary I survived, problem is I did it three times till it dawned on me I had been lucky so far to cheat death and decided I had enough. Never again tried cooking while drunk.[/QUOTE]

Happened to me too!! Twice!! I don’t cook after a drinking spree…

Was a young boy (maybe 7yrs). Stupidity told me to take two long nails, stick them in a power socket, switch the socket on, then connect the two nails together. Luckily, I used a piece of wood to make the two heads of the nails touch each other instead of using my hands. Heard a loud bang, sparks everywhere, all the lights in the house went off, paros came running to check what’s up. Mbuyu saw what I had done, he just shook his head as my mother cried. The fuse in the fuse box ilimelt had to be replaced. I would have been fried to nyama choma by that electric shock. From that day, mimi na stima hapana. Even changing a bulb, I switch all the lights in the house kwa meter box.

Advise to parents with children: Those sockets, weka socket guards.


It will come soon,kwanza on 3 occasion ndo nika shika laini no chips funga again


when i was a kid i almost fell in a pit latrine, then when i was in class six i was about to be crashed by an akamba bus while riding my bike, then last year dec after a weekend of binge drinking i woke up in a 1.5 m ditch on the side of the road, i was lucky i did not lose anything since the ditch was dark

kungenyesha you would have drowned

No you can not. What you should have asked before jumping into conclusions,is whether I was driving during those accidents.
You should also not conclude that my driving is bad coz I could also have been a passenger. A fact that in your hurry to label me a bad driver,you forgot.
Kama ingekuwa upto you singepata kazi ya dere. @Purr_27

No. Am no stunts man. Just a guy who has more than his fair share of accidents. Maybe I got more lives than a cat…:wink:

Geez …its ok :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Did you not receive WW3 in that house?