I shall not want

Na Germanicus Caesar ni mgani?

baba yake caligula

So Caligula was Gaius Germanicus Caesar?

Chakula ya mchungaji inakaa kuwa tamu

Enyewe mwanamke ni tabia.
You look at this woman with her clothes on and she looks so desirable and attractive.
And then she pills her clothes and dignity off and she looks like any undignified prostitute!

The difference between a wifeable woman and a Sabina joy 250/- a shot hooker is their true character.


Before Nebuchadnezzar started eating grass.

[ATTACH=full]156959[/ATTACH] @Meria Mata ni hii video naona wakichambua facebook?

so horny that she cunt hear the kiddie crying

Hahahaha, take a chill pill KB. ;):smiley:
Then show us huyo unataka mfanye mapenzi akiwa amevaa nguo desirable and attractive.
That video was meant to turn on the recipient which I’m sure it did - her mistake was being hasty.
What is done in haste will be regretted at leisure.
Speaking of which, how is your friend doing?
The chap that had married a woman that wanted to ruin him.
I hope things’re looking up for him now?

pills za kutoa ball ama P2